Observatory Houses Competition

Submission: July 26, 2017
Registration: July 19, 2017
Language: English
Location: Roccascalegna, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize: 10.000 €, 2nd Prize: 4.000 €, 3rd Prize: 2.000 €
Type: Open


Architecture is the branch of knowledge that shapes and structures places for human activities. It gives an answer to several and various issues, where solutions embody designer’s creativity and intellect. Architectural quest doesn’t simply resolve itself nor in a stylish, nor a functional, nor an economic nor a technological answer. A genuine architectural answer comes through making a patchwork of all those issues, where designer manages to blend and structure them together with sensibility and control. YAC aims to promote contemporary projects that embody a temporal and personal approach to architectural space. Idea is the keyword, Architecture is the answer and project is the medium through which intuition transforms into concrete reality.


Roccascalegnais suspended between earth and sky apparently floating on a huge rock that seems to rise up despite the laws of gravity. The fortress seems surreal as if it was a metaphor of the atavistic tension that since prehistoric times has been inclining the human being towards the sky. There are no words to describe the fascination of the fortress. It is an enchanted yet real place. Its history encompasses eras, ups and downs of history, peoples and events. It is a marvelous building in a harsh and untamable land composed by sharp rocks and a wild nature. Nowadays, this place is highly fascinating as it surely was hundreds of years ago when the Lombards chose it to build one of the most suggestive castles of Southern Europe. It is a place that tells a story of wars, mysteries and power.


The fascination of Roccascalegna surely requires beautiful spaces which function is one of the most fascinating functions a designer can work it. The beauty of the nocturnal sky is for itself a sufficient element to create highly emotional architectural elements. Along with it, the fascinating setting of Roccascalegna ensures a unique opportunity to design architectural elements aimed to leave a mark in the contemporary composition scenario. Observatory Houses will aim at creating a unique place in the world where the modernity of the houses can be combined with the ancient fascination of skies and remote places. A modern and ancient intervention as it is both modern and ancient the feeling of those who move away from the city to get lost in the contemplation of the sky.


17/04/2017 “early bird” registration – start
23/05/2017 (h 11.59 pm GMT) “early bird” registration – end
24/05/2017 “standard” registration – start
20/06/2017 (h 11.59 pm GMT) “standard” registration – end
21/06/2017 “late” registration – start
19/07/2017 (h 11.59 pm GMT) “late” registration – end
26/07/2017 (h 12.00 – midday – pm GMT) material submission deadline
31/07/2017 jury summoning
25/09/2017 results announcement


1° PRIZE 10.000 €
2° PRIZE 4.000 €
3° PRIZE 2.000 €

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