Rome: Architecture and Cinema

Submission: August 07, 2015
Registration:  August 07, 2015
Language: English, Spanish, Italian
Location: Rome, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize € 500.00 + publications
Type: Students & Young Architects


It is the capital of the ancient history that has seen a great empire leave indelible trace of their past. Is Rome. Great architecture still stand out today, after centuries, enlivening the streets of the city. Characterize the appearance, they draw a picture that even the passage of time was able to notch.

Besides being an open-air museum has also become the fifth value. Filmmakers have borrowed as a set for their films, not least the Italian Sorrentino of his “Great Beauty”. It is to these masterpieces that we want to pay tribute, thinking of a space that becomes the container of images, scenes and customs relating to these great masterpieces. An exhibition center a short walk from the Colosseum that allows tourists numerous enliven the capital to experience the story through the perception of endless cinematic art. Architecture becomes a messenger, a bridge between the eras, a sign of modernity in a city that never fails to enchant.


Participation in the competition is open to students and young professionals under 40, architects, engineers or designers from all over the world, whether they are undergraduates, graduates or professionals. You can take part in the competition either individually or as a group. You must elect a representative of the design team which will be made possible communications. There are no numerical limits for the pool which can also be mixed or composed of students, graduates and professionals.


We send photos and dwg area after that you send us in copy to the email of the competition the receipt of the payment.

-The payment can be made with PayPal; the reference mail address: startfortalents@gmail.com
-For those wishing to pay by bank transfer, you may write to mail: startfortalents@gmail.com and ask for bank details.

The registration fee is 20,00 euro for individual partecipant. Registration is open until the last day of the contest closing date set for the 23:59 of day 07/08/15 italian time.
After payment, there will be no refunds under any circumstances.

FAQ: For every info you can write us to this mail startfortalents@gmail.com The official languages of the competition are three: Italian, English and Spanish.


The papers should be sent electronically to mail reference (startfortalents@gmail.com) no later than 23:59 of 07/08/15 italian time. They are part of the documentation of the competition:

-MODEL A (on the last page of this announcement)

-A table format A0 be sent in jpg format with 150 dpi resolution, drawn up in a horizontal manner and with the upper right corner of an alphanumeric code (chosen at the discretion of the participants themselves) six-digit identifier which project.

-A report prepared on an A4 sheet in Word format, with Arial 12 and a maximum of 3000 characters (you cannot insert images).


To make it as objective the evaluation will be assigned numerical values dall’1-10 to the following parameters: functional quality, formal quality, integration into the site and project communication.


The winners will be announced on the website of the Association no later than the date of 01/09/15. Will be deserving the first three works as well as any other projects which are not excluded special mentions.

-At The winner will receive a prize of € 500.00 (excluding VAT) for each participant.
-the First three winners will be sent to all our publications (are available for inspection at the following page

of our portal: http://startfortalents.net/pubblicazioni-2/) in digital format.
-the Winners and mentioned the partecipation is guaranteed for life as part of all our future competitions

as well as being present on our portal.


The association may use the individual proposals for the purpose of dissemination in any action it deems appropriate. Any use will be communicated to the participants who will be increasingly recognized intellectual property. Participation in the competition implies that each competitor unconditional acceptance of all the provisions of this Regulation pursuant to Decree Law 196/2003.

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