1+1 Showroom Interior Design // M O R P H

Submission: August 03, 2015
Registration:  July 20, 2015
Language: English
Location: Beijing, China
Prizes: 1st Prize €4,000, 2nd Prize €2,500, 3rd Prize €1,500
Type: Open


1+1 Freeport Art Centre, located in central Beijing (China), is expanding its business scope in following months, accordingly, it demands specific spatial and functional interventions inside its space.

The aim of this design challenge to create a contemporary high-end conceptual showroom for showcasing and sales of collectible artworks and design objects. It will hold a unique collection in
China that consist of handmade and limited edition objects of extraordinary artistic value.

1+1 Freeport Art Centre contains a couple of connected exhibition zones, with two main ones that are called ‘big gallery’ and ‘small gallery’. The main function of the overall space is supposed to stay unchanged – to be able to host exhibitions and events of different kind. The challenge is how to integrate a new function into existing space without compromising its exhibition capacities and
spatial flexibility.

This project consists of 3 main parts:
1, The small gallery will transform to a new showroom where collectible artworks and objects will be showcased and purchased, while maintaining its ability to host exhibitions.
2, The current lobby will become a multi-functional temporary lounge, that is introducing the showroom, and where guests of the center can relax and discuss.
3, A new gate will be installed that responses to a new identity of 1+1 Freeport Art Centre.


The presentation technique is absolutely open and at the discretion of the entrant. However, it is recommended that the submitted image include the following information which reflect the main concept of the design:

Concept explanation Plans
3D Renderings
Furniture close-ups/details

The presentation should clearly document the pro- posed design as well as the approach to the project. Information relating to organisation and materials treatment should be included when considered relevant.

Each entrant will have Unique Registration Num- ber that must appear on the upper right side of the image.

All text fields or textual elements should be bilingual – English/Chinese. Space for Chinese translation must be provided in presentation panel design with a same importance as English. MORPH is responsible for translations of all materials after the submission.


Students, independent designers/architects, or architecture/design offices are all eligible to apply. Submissions can be the work of an individual or group of up to 4 members. There is no age limit, however, applicants under 18 years of age must be lead by someone over the age of 18.


Winning participants will receive prizes in total of 8,000 Euros with the distribution as stated.

There will be also 7 honorable mentions, selected according to variety of criteria.

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