Competition Next Big One

SubmissionSeptember 30, 2014
Registration: August 31, 2014
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes1st Prize $ 3.000     2nd Prize $ 1.500
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

The objective of this single-stage open-ideas competition is to propose an innovative design solution that can mitigate natural disasters while simultaneously providing community permanence; rather than a disaster response or recovery plan.

Proposals should create innovative solutions to resolve the conflicting requirements in the design of the multi-hazard risk combination of earthquakes and tsunamis. For example, an elevated floor to accommodate flooding may become a “soft storey,” detrimental in an earthquake. How can a community remain “resilient” by either returning to its original or near-original state, or maintaining its performance after a disaster? The design can be any component of a city comprising a community aspect, and also exemplifies innovative disaster preparedness.

The following are questions to prompt brainstorming and should not limit your ideas:

  • How can buildings, infrastructure, and landscapes dissipate seismic movement or wave action?
  • How might energy be harnessed from natural disasters?
  • How can food production be sustained by adapting to urban surroundings?
  • How can the economy be maintained to ensure livelihoods before and after a disaster?