2015 B&B International Design Competiton

Submission: March 25, 2016
Registration: February 25, 2016
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Suzhou, China
Prizes: 1st Prize: ¥10000, 2nd Prize: ¥5000, x4 3rd Prize: ¥2000
Type: Open


2015, Suzhou “Wovean· King Of Designer”— Internet+B&B international design competition is based on a real project. It is a comprehensive design competition that calls for innovative ideas of tourism, planning, architecture, landscape and interior design. The competition is also one of 2016 suzhou IdeenExpo special promotion events.

B&B (Bed & Breakfast) as a unique kind of accommodation from local hosts , different from traditional hotels, can give tourists more experience of local culture. In China, it is a popular way for people in the city to experience countryside living during weekends, to enjoy beautiful landscape and fresh local food from rural area. Stay in a simple village house instead of resort hotel is now a trendy vacation style.

Many existing B&B facilities in China are lack of good design, we sincerely invite you to join this competition, to make the best B&B with Internet, from sketch to reality! We look forward to seeing your work full of inspiration and creative ideas!


Gold Award: Bonus of ¥10000,Trophy and Certificate

Silver Award: Bonus of ¥5000, Trophy and Certificate

Bronze Award : 4 winners, Bonus of ¥2000 each, Trophy and Certificate

Excellence award: 20 winners,  certificate

Special Awards:

Tourism Planning Award, Bonus of ¥1000, certificate

Interior Creative Design Award, Bonus of ¥1000, certificate
Special Note:

1, Gold medal winner will have the opportunity to implement their design and join the final design team, design fee will be set by additional agreement between the winner and organizer;

2, Student winners will have the opportunity for internship in Wovean Landscape with decent salary;

3,Winners´work will have the opportunity to be exhibited in IdeenExpo hosted in Soochow ,2016;

4, The winners will have the opportunity of visiting Suzhou.

Competition Schedule

1,Pre-Publicity and Registration: December 15, 2015 to February 25, 2016

2, Submission Deadline: March 25, 2016

3, Review stage: March 25, 2016 to April 05, 2016

4, Announcement: April 05, 2016 to April 30, 2016 (the organizer’s official website, WeChat public platform, universities website, winning entries will be conducted on the fifth suzhou IdeenExpo exhibition.)

Note: The latest news will be posted on official website of the organizer, for more information please check: Suzhou Wovean landcape architecture design company website.



1. Undergraduate and graduate students with major of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, environmental design, art design, interior design, tourism planning, or relevant.

2. Professional practitioners.

Note: All participants should participate in the name of a team, team members shall not exceed 5 person. If the team only has one member, the name could be the individual participant. Each team can only have one submission, each participant can only appear in one team, otherwise will be disqualified.


1. Enter http://www.szjg.com.cn , click” Design Competition”, fill in personal information , follow the steps, submit application, download “ Application Form “and” Works Copyright Statement Table“, complete and send to this email address: 2968469892@qq.com

Submission Requirements

Works should be submitted in form of electronic file, including Part A and B.

Part A:

The submission should include Master Plan, Elevation, Overall bird ‘s-eye view, Sketchup or Lumion model perspectives, analysis diagram and related design specifications. Other drawings can be included to further explain design intentions. Image file should be JPG format, standard A0 size with legible resolution;

Part B:

Application Form, including the title, designer’s name, (students need to fill out the guidance teachers and university name) and other relevant information. Application form in Microsoft Word document, the file named “school – departments – student Id – name. doc”, for example: Soochow University – landscape architecture – 11699 – San Zhang. doc or “city – company name – position – name. doc”, such as: Soochow – Wovean landcape architecture company – designer – San Zhang. doc.

Work Submission

Please send the electronic files to 2968469892@qq.com

Selection Criteria and Method

Selection Criteria

1, Conformity with the theme of the competition.

2, Creativity.

3, Environmental consciousness.

4, Analysis and expression.

5, Aesthetic.

Selection Procedure

Each Jury member will mark score on each qualified submission according to the selection criteria, the cumulative score determines the place of the final award.

Go to the competition’s  website