2015 Guming Village Rammed Earth Architecture Competition

Submission: November 20, 2015
Registration: November 20, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize:30,000Rmb, 2nd Prize:10,000Rmb, 3rd Prize:5,000Rmb
Type: Students & Young Architects


The launch of this international contest, inviting students with different attitudes, is aimed at defining the right approach to protect and improve the village and its old rammed earthwalls, introducing a new potential market channel which points at those sites that are mostly forgotten and which may reuse their real values. This first innovative rammed earthcultural site in China aims to be the landmark of a renewed social condition, well aware of its potential heritage, raising cultural intentions and giving chance to relax and discover one of the most natural and originally sustainable scenarios.

In Guangxi province of China, there is a village, near the mountain and by the river, built down the hillside. The local houses use stones as the foundation, rammed earth the wall, and tiles the roof, standing here for hundreds of years, unknown.
There are a group of famous architects from home and abroad who are experts of the rammed earth buildings. They focus on the old village and want to explore the inheritance and innovation, the culture and architecture, its history and sustainable development. They will invite students of architecture major from all over the world to discuss and think about the old village’s development through their knowledge and creation to find a road of “Back to the Future”.
All eyes are on Guming Village, Guangxi.

1st Award: 30,000Rmb (including tax)
2nd Award: 10,000Rmb (including tax)
3rd Award: 5,000Rmb (including tax)
* The 1st Award will be 30000 RMB or a two-month internship position in China (only for winners not in China, which includes the round ticket, accommodation fee and the related project fee)

Opening Ceremony : 2015/5/29
Registration : 2015/6/1 —11/20
Materials Submission: 2015/11/20

The competition is open to all students who are registered at a University level and major in architecture, landscape architecture or urban planning, including college student, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral student. No limitation for nationality. Entries will be accepted for individual as well as teams. Each participant can provide one proposal.

The opportunity of a small community to become emblematic for a sustainable development vision, supporting one of the possible next scenarios in China, may be the key for the success of a land where smart strategies and sensitive design themes are acquired through knowledge and creativity. Today, Guming Village, a group of old rammed earth houses, mirroring into a small lake, in Guangxi Province, China, is under the lights of the cultural world, reclaiming the dignity of its traditional technologies, but opening its quiet spaces to new sustainable solutions.
“Back to the future” is a reverse approach which imagines a system moving in two opposite directions at the same time, to balance the life of everything influenced by this place. It’s the desire to disclose the identity of this system, merging it with the history and the future of the land. The competition, pointing at the existing delicate equilibrium of the village, through a creative and visionary intervention based on real needs from different parties, invites students all over the world to propose unique and sustainable solutions which may set up the possible development strategy, turning back to the future. This call to reflect about a change of direction, supported by local parties and a special expert’s committee, is the opportunity to recall the “Genius Loci”, in a place where its value is recognized in its own identity.

The competition is anonymous. Participants will get a REGISTRATION NUMBER after filling the registration form on our official website which will serve as the only means of identification during the entire judging process. Please login in and register through:

Date: October 5, 2015