tainan expo center

2017 International Design Competition / Greater Tainan Expo Center

Submission: August 30, 2017
Registration: August 30, 2017
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Tainan, Taiwan
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


All local and international elite are cordially invited to participate in the International Design Competition of the Greater Tainan Expo Center and to witness this critical moment of Tainan’s industry transformation!

It is a turnkey project and the estimated construction cost is NTD 1.795 billion. It is expected to generate maximum economic benefits by establishing a platform and media for industrial development to promote the growth of business and trade, to boost industrial development and area transformation as well as to deepen the advantage of industrial specialty and brand value.

The project includes 600 exhibition booths for flexible use, and the exhibition space should be a column-free space with a clear height of over 12m. There should also be one conference room for 1000 delegates (divisible into four rooms with the capacity of 250), one conference room for 800 delegates (divisible into two rooms with the capacity of 500 and 300 respectively), five conference rooms for 100 delegates (divisible into spaces for 50 delegates) and three for 20 delegates (divisible into spaces for 20-40 delegates), as well as parking space for 550 cars and 450 scooters. The area to be designed is 39,000m2.

We welcome all local and international elite to participate in this international design competition. Let’s build a new landmark at Tainan THSR Station District!


Due to the site specificity, positioning, functions required, mode of development and private-sector participation, the Greater Tainan Expo Center is expected to reach the following objectives:

  1.  To efficiently integrate the cultural and tourism resources and competitive industries, to facilitate the industry development in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan, to catch up with the development of Northern Taiwan, as well as being a new venue for exhibition in Southern Taiwan;
  2. To serve as a platform and agency for the industry development which will contribute to the commercial and trade development, to fuel industry transformation and regional development, to enhance the industries’ competitiveness and brand value, and to generate the greatest economic benefits;
  3.  To provide multi-functional exhibition facilities for professional use, to facilitate the growth of the supporting industries of MICE in Tainan, to enhance Tainan’s competiveness among the international cities;
  4.  To establish an appropriate development mechanism which will promote the development of the neighborhood of THSR station and the MICE industry of Tainan with the cooperation with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Bureau of High Speed Rail, MOTC and the public sectors of Tainan City Government, to raise the economic value, to boost employment, and to increase the tax revenue of the central and local government

Budget: Approximately NTD 1.795 billion and to be paid by a fixed price.

Type of Tender: Public tender, one-stage tender and one-stage opening, and contract to be awarded to the most advantageous tender.

Prize Money: First Prize: Priority right for contract without extra incentive

  • Second Prize: NT$1,500,000
  • Third Prize: NT$1,000,000
  • Fourth & Fifth Prize: NT$800,000

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