2021 a house for

2021 A HOUSE FOR …

Submission: September 28, 2021
Registration: September 21, 2021
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The competition seeks for innovative ideas in the design of a house, focusing in the relationship of the project with a specific client, as well as with the site where it is located. OPENGAP invites participants to explore the boundaries and paradigms of house designing. To work in innovative and visionary proposals which can both, think in a basic housing program and the relation of identity between the customer and the project.

Each participant or team will propose the client for designing a house. This will be a person of interest and inspiration for the project. There are no limitations as to the choice of the character. This may be a historical or contemporary, real or fictional person, from any origin or nationality. It is important that within the submitted proposal, the character is introduced and the project’s relationship with him or her is justified


This competition of ideas does not specify any particular site or setting. Therefore, each contestant or team will be able to choose the location of their project. The project in question may involve the design of a new space in any chosen empty plot, or may be a proposal of how to reuse an existing building or structure. Nevertheless, participants will have to justify their choice of location for the project

The project and its program

  • The only limitation as to the dimensions of the project is that the house must have a max construction area of 800m2 total. This surface may be distributed in any way, in several floors, on one level or in multiple volumes.
  •  As this is a call for architectural proposals, it is important that the function and relationship of spaces within the project are resolved and represented in the proposal.
  • As this is an academic competition, we are not searching for a profound technical and construction detailing. A good architectonic conceptualization and original ideas will receive the greatest consideration. Open gap encourages contestants to experiment and to formally and spatially explore new solutions. Original, creative, contemporary, and risky proposals, from the architectonic point of view, will therefore be welcomed.
  • There is not a specific program of needs to be covered by the project. However, it is important that the main use thereof is that of housing


All architects, designers, architecture students and individuals interested in the topic around the world can enter this competition of ideas. Proposals may be presented individually or as a team of up to 5 people max. Only one proposal may be presented for each registration made. Each competitor or team may present as many projects as registrations completed, since each proposal is assigned a different REGISTRATION NUMBER.


The awards will be the following:
1st Prize,€ 2000 Two thousand Euro
2nd Prize,€ 1000 One thousand Euro
3rd Prize,€ 500 Five hundred Euro
Mentions, Mentions will not have an economic prize. The jury may name as many proposals as they consider worthy to be mentioned

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