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2021 Brick in Architecture Awards

Submission: November 1, 2021
Registration: November 1, 2021
Language: English
Location: Worldwide
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Built


The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has opened entries for the international 2021 Brick in Architecture Awards, the premier architectural design competition featuring fired-clay brick. The purpose of this awards contest is to promote and recognize innovative, unusual, aesthetically appealing designs using clay brick as the project’s primary building material.


Entrants must select one of the following categories for their submissions. Entrants may submit multiple entries if desired, either in the same category or among multiple categories. This year’s categories are defined as:
1. Commercial
2. Education – K-12
3. Education – Colleges & Universities (Higher Education) *
4. Residential Single Family
5. Residential Multi-Family
6. Paving & Landscape Projects
7. Historic Renovation**
8. International (If project is located outside of the U.S., Canada or a U.S.
Territory, it must be entered in this category)


Entrants must be either an architect or designer, employed by an architectural, design- build, or landscaping design firm. Any member of the design team may serve as the submitting architect. All team members who substantially contributed to the project’s design must be given credit on the submission form. In addition, manufacturers and distributors may enter projects of which they have been a part on behalf of the architect. Clay brick regional associations and other masonry associations from across the country may also enter projects from their own regional competitions or from their members. Any work of architecture completed since January 1, 2016, in which new clay brick products comprise over fifty percent (50%) of the predominant exterior building or paving material are eligible. These include new clay face or hollow brick, building brick, thin brick, paving brick, glazed brick, structural glazed facing tile, brick products in special shapes and/or a combination of any of these aforementioned units. An entrant may submit more than one project for consideration, and previously submitted projects that have not won a Best in Class, Gold, Silver or Bronze can be enteredagain as long as they were completed since 2016.


Awards will be presented for Best-In-Class, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Achieving any award level will be based on meeting a minimum standard of excellence for each level as determined by the independent judges’ scores. Please note, BIA and/or the judges, in their sole judgment, reserve the right to withhold presenting an award in any or all level(s) where the average score of each project does not warrant an award or for a category in which an insufficient number of entries were submitted. A category must receive 10 entries or more to be eligible to receive all awards: Best in Class, Gold, Silver and Bronze award. A category receiving less than 5 entries will not be eligible for a Best in Class Award unless a project scores 4.5 or above. The remaining entries will be eligible for Gold, Silver or Bronze provided the projects score above 4.0.


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Date: August 24, 2021