2023 Moganshan Core Scenic Area Planning and Yinshan Street Conceptual Design International Competition

Submission: 2023.9.27
Registration: 2023.9.27
Language: English
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Type: Open


The project demands the preservation and inheritance of Moganshan’s cultural heritage, with a primary focus on ecological considerations to retain the essence of Moganshan. The design should strive for a harmonious development, balancing preservation and progress. The Masterplan of Moganshan Scenic Spots (2018-2035) serves as the basis for the competition proposals.In regard to the 3-square-kilometer scope of Moganshan’s mountaintop core scenic area, a business format planning is proposed, along with operational suggestions (additional), and enhancements to the spatial appearance and innovative architectural style of the 400-meter Yinshan Street.



The total bonus for this competition is 1,230,000 RMB, which is divided into two parts, i.e. 1,000,000 RMB for agencies and 230,000 RMB for individuals. The winners and the results of planning and design that are specially creative will have the opportunities to be invited to participate in the design development for the project.

Bonus for Agencies: 1,000,000 RMB (tax included)Gold Award (1 winner):
500,000 RMB (tax included)

Silver Award (1 winner): 300,000 RMB (tax included)

Bronze Award (1 winner): 200,000 RMB (tax included)

Bonus for Individuals: 230,000 RMB (tax included)

Gold Award (1 winner): 100,000 RMB (tax included)Silver Award (1 winner): 80,000 RMB (tax included)

Bronze Award (1 winner): 50,000 RMB (tax included)

The prize money of this competition will be paid by the organizer, Moganshan Administration (Cultural and Tourism Group), and transferred to the account of the winning team agency. The winning team needs to fill out the prize claim form, provide information such as the team agency’s bank, account name, account number, etc. After being signed by all team members, the form should be sent to the competition organizing committee by the designated date, along with cooperation in the specified legal procedures. And the electronic version of the claim form should be sent to the designated email address: moganshan@youngbird.com.cn


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Date: September 6, 2023