2023 Radical Innovation Awards

Submission: June 1 2023
Registration: June 1 2023
Language: English
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Awards


Conceptualized in 2006, Radical Innovation has been shifting the norm in the global hospitality industry by recognizing excellence in design, architecture, travel, products and more. Radical Innovation is an initiative that challenges creative thinkers and design visionaries at the professional and student level to pioneer compelling innovations to submit ground-breaking ideas to fuel the future of the hospitality and travel industries.

Through an annual competition, Radical Innovation mobilizes innovators from around the world. The result is a creative community gathered by the same passion for innovation, introducing the dreamers to those equipped with the necessary resources to bring such concepts to life. The competition alone has awarded nearly $200,000 to pioneers in hospitality and design, but overall, Radical Innovation serves as a platform that connects and inspires. No where in hospitality is there a shorter path from concept to real world execution than Radical Innovation.

Submissions are collected in the following categories from Professionals & Students :
Radical Concept – An opportunity to share a project in the early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of form and/or function are articulated or envisioned.
Radical Real – An opportunity to share a project ready for potential partners and equity
Radical Product Concept – An opportunity to share your idea for a product in the early conceptual phase of the design process, in which various aspects of the design are considered, such as user experience, usability, styling, technology. This may also include concepts that are currently not feasible due to current manufacturing or technological limitations.
Radical Product Prototype – An opportunity to share your proposal for a product with a functional prototype, either ready for manufacturing or for market distribution with various aspects of the design considered, such as user experience, usability, styling, technology

Entry fee depends on chosen category. Details on the competition’s website.

Non-Profit Status: The tax-exempt status of the Radical Innovation Foundation is currently pending and at the discretion of the IRS. Subject to approval, the exempt status will be effective as of  December 22, 2022.

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