2014 MNPG Arch Competition

Submission: August 31, 2014
Registration: August 31, 2014
Language: English 
Location: The Snowies, Australia
Prizes1st Prize $1500,  $250 for Honorable Mentions
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

This year’s idea challenge is asking architects to build a modern abode hub in the Snowies, Australia. The 2014 MNPG Arch Competition infuses architecture, technology, ecology and healthy living. Australia is a hot place to live. However in the Snowies, it does get cold and can be a temperate climate as well.

As a modern abode hub, this means that there will be many uses for this structure. This includes but is not limited to, enabling different modes of transportation, being able to produce food, having the ability to join to a larger community of rural abodes if needed, and be a total part of nature. Residential, yet for the adaptive modern purpose. A demonstration of new technologies and learning that promote a higher quality of living is a plus.

• Design a modern abode hub
• Building no larger than: 10 x 10 sq. meters
• Less then 100 sq. meters in surrounding landscape space
• Mathematically natural, in organic form (i.e. snow flakes)
• Utilizing sustainable technologies

Requirements for structure: The structure should have a basement, ground floor and roof viewing area. Additional floors are acceptable. The number of inhabitants for the the abode hub should be 2-5, with outside seating. Locally produced, natural resources for building materials is important, but this is not required. Must be economical and use local labor. Technological improvements can be from outside of Australia. The space will be used primarily for living. Landscape: The outside landscape of the site of the modern abode hub, should integrate well with the design. It is up to the architect to decide how to use this space.