24H COMPETITION 9th edition – SYRIA

Submission: December 13, 2015
Registration: December 12, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: € 500, 2nd Prize: publication, 3rd Prize: publication
Type: Open


Ideasforward wants to give young creative people from around the world the opportunity to express their views on the future of societies through their innovative and visionary proposals. We are an experimental platform seeking progressive ideas that reflect on emerging themes.

The eco design, sustainable architecture, new materials, concepts and technologies are compelling issues in the societies of the future and the involvement of the whole community is imperative. In an era of globalization where communication was dominated by the technological revolution, there is the need to rethink the cities and how Man relates in a global World as well as rethink the economic, social and cultural patterns of contemporary societies.

The young creatives and thinkers are a precious commodity that we value a lot and so we want to give them voice, because we believe in their value and their ideas and because together we can change the world.

A space where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.

This competition proposes give responses in 24H to the social problems, climate changes, humanitarian causes and sociologic problems of the contemporary societies.
Commitment, perseverance, inspiration and hard work are the necessary bases to develop a proposal that meets the premises that will be released regularly in the brief of the competition.

We challenge you to prove your talent in 24 hours!
There are a period of registration on the competition, when it end, started the 24H competition!
You have 24H to develop a proposal that responds to the program contained on a brief that you only know on the same day that start competition.
Take the risk!



Located in the Middle East and also known as the Syrian Arab Republic, bordering Lebanon, the Mediterranean Sea, Jordan, Israel, Iraq and Turkey.
Its capital, Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited citys.
Over the last 4 and a half years, more than 200,000 Syrians have lost their lives in the conflict taking place in the country between forces loyal to the president and the forces of opposition.

Already considered the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time, the wave of Syrian refugees continues to grow. It is the largest exodus in recent history, more than 4.5 million Syrians have already left their country.
For behind, leave their homes and their belongings, they just bring the clothes they wear and little else. This exodus has increased significantly since 2003 when the living conditions deteriorated drastically. It is believed that half the population has been forced to leave their houses and the worst is that many of these people do not have access to aid.

Thousands of womens, mens and childrens, have now an uncertain fate, without prospects of future to a better life. The neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey struggles to accommodate the wave of refugees who every day come to their borders.

Europe is now also preparing to start receiving the first refugees.


Participation can be individual or as a group. Participants must be over 18 years old. In the case of groups, the leader must be over 18 years old. By participating in an ideasforward contest the participant accepts all the terms and conditions published on our website that define the rules for use of the company website, as well as the rules of participation therein.


Promotional registration period from – November 09 to November 18 – Fee 15€
Regular registration period from November 19 to December 08, 23:59 – Fee 20€
Late period of registration from December 09 to December 12 11:59 (London GMT + 0:00) – Fee 25€

The competition begins at December 12 12:00 (noon) to December 13 at 12:00 (noon) (London GMT + 0:00)
Publication of winners and honorable mentions at www.if-ideasforward.com on January 10


  • 1st Place – € 500 + publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy
  • 2nd Place – publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy
  • 3rd Place – publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy
  • 7 Honorable Mentions – publication in website, social networks and media partners

This is a competition in 24 hours so you only have access to the brief on the contest day
Download on December 12 from 12:00 pm (noon) (London GMT+0:00)
but do not forget that you always have to register before December 12 at 12:00 am (noon) (London GMT + 0:00)

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