2x8 2021 Exhibit Design Competition

2×8 Exhibit Design Competition 2021

Submission: July 09, 2021
Registration: June 25, 2021
Language: English
Location: California
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Student Competition


2×8 is an annual exhibition & scholarship program showcasing exemplary student work from architecture & design institutions throughout California. Celebrating the state’s unequaled diversity in pedagogical directions, each of the participating academic programs select two projects that embody their core vision. As many as 20 schools participate in the annual show.

This year the exhibition will focus on the theme of Community. The title of our 2021 exhibit is 2×8:Assemblies. The term ‘Assemblies’ can refer to groups of people gathering together as well as the process of building in which various parts are assembled to make a whole.

2×8 has been a springboard for designers to introduce themselves to LA and the world. In 2021, the visibility of the program is increased as the installation and exhibition will be distributed into nodes throughout Los Angeles, encounterable by the public, and accessible online and through an interactive app. More people than ever before will be able to view the exhibition while maintaining a format that will promote a distributed viewing experience and prevent concentrated assembly. In 2021, this event will be co-produced by AIA|LA and the newly-formed ACLA.


Design, build, and install the 2021 2×8 exhibition to showcase up to 40 student projects, distributed into 2 to 10 projects per site (roughly 4-6 sites).

The designer will act as creative director, to generate the template and installation concept, and the 2×8 Committee will assist with neighborhood specificity as required.


Student work is to be displayed on digitally printed presentation sheets. The 2×8 committee will provide all printed media. The size and proportion of the boards is up to the discretion of the designer but must be a minimum of 15 square feet of display space per student project. The design concept of the exhibition should be flexible and capable of accommodating changes to the number of student entries. The design must also include two additional boards per location to display exhibition sponsors, an informational board regarding the exhibition, and signage as desired (i.e. show name, logo, school names).

FUNDS: The budget for the exhibition build-out will be a minimum of $10,000 and may be increased based on the number of schools participating. A detailed budget is to be included as part of the submittal package. No money is allotted as a salary for design.

THEME: The curatorial theme of 2×8 this year reflects on the dialogue surrounding Community in Los Angeles and other urban centers across the country. This year, ACLA intends to create a dialogue around the topic of Community by asking schools to submit student work that responds to and engages the community. The name, 2×8:Assemblies, refers to a group or community of people and is also related to the process of building.

AR: An augmented reality app will be built by the 2×8 Committee, allowing the exhibition designer to overlay student 3D models with the design of the exhibition. The proposal should address the integration of an AR overlay with the overall exhibition design. The 2×8 Committee will develop an application incorporating both marker and markerless tracking methods for the overlay of super-graphics and student models at the discretion of the exhibition designer.

Considerations should be given to AR activation spaces in front of student boards. We do not anticipate incorporating the use of any goggles, and we suggest that the submitted design avoid overly reflective, monochromatic or featureless exhibition surfaces for AR compatibility.

A goal for this year’s exhibition design is to ensure minimal waste in the production of the exhibit. Submitted proposals are required to incorporate an innovative strategy for the reuse of the exhibition materials after the exhibit and future recycling potential. One option for material reuse is to partner with a community organization in order to formulate a plan for long-term secondary use of the component parts of the exhibition. If fitting the intent of the designer, the 2×8 Committee has conducted initial outreach to the following organizations: Skid Row Housing Trust, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, and Friends of the LA River. If the designer elects to partner with an organization, it is advised for the designer to communicate with the organization during the design phase.


The competition is open to all faculty of California schools of architecture and design.
There is a $20 registration fee which can be waived for previous entrants.

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Date: June 2, 2021