7th inspireli award


Submission: July 14, 2022
Registration: July 14, 2022
Language: English
Location: Worldwide
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Student, Free competition


7th Annual Inspireli awards is here and the registration is open! INSPIRELI AWARDS is the world’s largest global student contest, with participants from 142 countries and 630+ architects in the jury. The aim of the competition is to support young talents in architecture free of charge, regardless of their social, economic or ethnic conditions.

7th inspireli award


Each country in the world faces different challenges in terms of architecture. Upload your school project and show the world what issues you address at your university, in your country, on your continent.

Students can compete in three categories – Architecture, Interior Design & Urban Design. Individuals as well as teams can participate. Inspire and get inspired – more info and project’s registration on https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/photogallery


Anyone who enters the competition can request a feedback for their project upon registration that is then free to access at Inspireli Education website. We will assign a juror from another continent who will advise the student on how to improve his/her project. At the same time, a 3D and 2D visualization specialist will advise on how to improve the presentation of the work.

Entering the competition opens the door into our global community. Student becomes a member of Inspireli family. We will be happy to help, advise, or connect students with universities, colleagues, or studios from around the world. Inspireli is here to help each other.

Who can participate

Award is open to students of full-time study and distance learning (bachelor’s or master´s degree) of university of Architecture or similar branches (Engineering, building and artistic)


“Win what you desire” prize, Archicad Pro licence, AIA recognition and invitation, Membership in the Board of IA Advisors, Professional feedback, Invitation to the Jury after graduation

SPECIAL BONUS: For all who inquire – Professional feedback to the project and 3D/2D visualisations at Inspireli Education platform

>>> Go to the competition’s website <<<


Every year, there is also a real topic competition. After designing Campus at Slovak Technical University last in the last year’s Inspireli Awards, this year we help Beirut. The Port of Beirut was destroyed in a devastating explosion in August 2020 and Inspireli offered to take part in the reconstruction, and the Beirut City Council accepted.

Port of Beirut designs compete in both the Competition and the Award. More info here https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/beirut-documents and video here

Date: January 27, 2022