SEED Competition

Submission: July 31, 2015
Registration:  July 31, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Six winners solutions will be built
Type: Open


SEED® is the ideal design for a return to the primary condition of a habitat. It is the equilibrium between individual vitality and ecological sustainability. It is a moment of hope and a celebration of life. SEED® is envisioned as an outdoor living unit, inter-dependent with nature and self-efficient on life.

It exists only for the purpose of a short interval of humans in nature and dissolves in a natural process disappearing with the journey. It is expected to celebrate the moment of human intervention with nature in the most beautiful and precious way, as beautiful and powerful as SEED®.

Competition Objective

To create an integrated approach for a new architectural paradigm. A group of experts (architect, ecologist, fashion design, digital video programmer, engineer, and inventor) is recommended.  The site’s final location is the world.


Impermanent temporary individual ecological shelter structure, that develops as naturally as a seed, and disappears as simply back to nature. The shelter should be modest for 1 or 2 persons.


• Six winners solutions will be built, and invited to the construction site.
• 50 final best entries will be published in book and exhibited worldwide.
Entry Fee Schedule

• Free for all entries.


• Open to everyone and preferably integrated groups, architects.

• Registration open in April, 15th;  and the Deadline of Submission is in July, 31th.   All contestants must register.

• The date of announcing the winner is August, 4th.

Submission Requirements

• Format size is 420mmX594mm pdf (A2) horizontal format preferred. Submit 1 or 2 pdf files.

• 300 dpi resolution is preferred – best quality for publishing illustrations.

• Put your Project’s Name on each pdf file, lower left corner of each page.

• Indicate building category for your competition entry.

• Include description summary, plans, sections, elevations, 3-D views.

• A video to explain the process from the work’s beginning to its end.

• Options: exploded axonometric views, materials, research.

Requirements for Description

• Add 250 word description and philosophy inspiring the project (separate from PDF).

• Add complete contact information including email for communication on this word doc.

• A brief introduction of each team member include nationality, residential area and so on. (word format).


Competitors agree to the following rules and regulations:

• SEED Competition is granted the rights to reproduce and print design entries.

• Designs and text description may be edited and included in new SEED book.

• Designers’ name credit will be given on any reproduced or published work.

• SEED Competition has no responsibility to return submitted materials.

• By submission of design entries, competitors agree to these conditions

Upload Submissions 

• Entries and files submitted using the SUBMIT page.

• To login enter your email address and Pass Code sent to you by email.

• You can upload files to our site.

• Your competition design will be uploaded to a unique folder.

• You receive confirmation on the upload page that your upload was successful.


• Final winners will be selected through public votes, so you don’t have to wait for the deadline to submit your project.

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