international competitions in architecture


Submission: July 01, 2017
Registration: June 24, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Publication, Exhibition
Type: Open


What is life…?

Maybe nothing more than a piece of rock and roll…

And the stone of life is still rolling…

And the rolling of life is still rocking…

C’est la vie…

And Chuck Berry just died.

But music didn’t die…

Nor life…

We will continue…

And next year there will be 50 years since 1968…

That very ’68 that made us dream again, a dream we almost forgot…

In the summer of 2017 we will have a one month long exhibition in Vienna… When we want to celebrate art and life, life and art, architecture included… Please listen to “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry… would they have been possible without Chuck Berry…?

So let’s rock together with Chuck Berry… let’s put down for a while the rock of life and let’s roll…

Maybe indeed, as John Lennon said, the other name of Rock and Roll is Chuck Berry… the black man from St. Louis who wanted to bring people together through music.

And he succeeded.

As all good music does.

And all good architecture, to a lesser extent, perhaps.

Is indeed the name, destiny – as the Latins thought…? Is Nomen, Omen…?

Berry means: “a small roundish juicy fruit without stone.”

Or, maybe, in this case, WITH a stone, but a rolling one…

So, dear architect, make the stone of architecture ROLL.

Make it ROLL for Chuck Berry, for this “small roundish juicy fruit without a stone.”

Some years ago Wolf Prix invited us to roll over Palladio… wasn’t it somehow like Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven…?”

Out of love, of course, both Prix and Berry wanted to roll over Palladio and Beethoven, out of love…

And certainly Palladio and Beethoven themselves would have loved it.

The greatest of us love to be “rolled over.”

So, dear architect, ROLL OVER CHUCK BERRY, with your rolling building!

ROLL OVER a life that only seems to end… ROLL OVER in the name of the life that never ends.

Let’s celebrate, once again, MUSIC and ARCHITECTURE.


Please send us any work, ANY size, ANY format, by July 1st. We will show all the works received during the month of August in Vienna. Please register before the deadline to receive a registration number with which to anonymously identify your work. There is a registration fee of 40 euro for architects and 20 euro for students. If you have any question, please contact us.

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