schroder house competition

A New “Schröder” House

Submission: July 31, 2017
Registration: July 28, 2017
Language: English
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Prizes: Exhibition, publication
Type: Open


The famous Schroeder House by Gerrit Rietveldt was not built in 1917, that is, 100 years ago, thus it is not its centennial. But being that arguably it is the most “De Stijl” house that was built, we feel that it would be appropriate to commemorate it on the occasion of De Stijl’s centennial.

The house was built in 1924. And it represents summum of the De Stijl principles, in architecture

Designated a World Heritage Site, this famous house also became inscribed on two Durch euro coins, in 2013

Now, on the year of the De Stijl centennial, we ask you to envision another “Schroeder” House to be built write across the existing one


Because we feel a dialogue between the “past” and the present, over a span of approximately 100 years, could enhance a cultural and architectural continuity, together, at the same time, with discontinuity

How would we build today a MANIFESTO HOUSE, similar to the Schroedere House…? Today we have to “movement” comparable to De Stijl. Anything is possible today

But we ask you to envision a house approximately the same size as the existing one, inspired by the principles of De Stijl (ahich we intend to celebrate and commemorate), but which we would also like to emulate.

Create a DIFFERENT “Schroeder” House, as our homage.

Do we still believe in the purity De Stijl artists and architects believed in…?

Do primary colors have the same meaning for us…?

Do we still believe in the serious playfulness of this house…?

Is our relation to geometry the same…?

Do you feel comfortable, now, with the healthy optimism of this house…?

Is our concern with the dynamics between the inside and the outside the same…?

And, maybe above all, do we have the power to envision an iconic house that one hundred years from now would inspire similar commemorations…?

What do we believe in…?

Is De Stijl still inspiring…?

And if yes, in what way…?

CREATE A NEW “SCHROEDER” HOUSE. Right vis-à-vis the existing one.

CREATE A DIALOGUE, over a span of around 100 years.

Let’s celebrate, thus, CREATIVELY, 100 years since the birth of this great art movement.

The deadline to submit your work is July 31st, 2017. Please register before this date to receive a registration number with which to anonymously identify your work. Please submit your work format A0, two sheets maximum. There will be a registration fee of 40 euro for architects and 20 euro for students. You can work both individually, or in a team. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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