Submission: October 14, 2015
Registration: September 30, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs.70.000, 2nd Prize: Rs.50.000, 3rd Prize: Rs.30.000
Type: Open


Aditya College of Architecture (ACA), invites teams of students pursuing the Undergraduate Course of of Bachelor of Architecture for the Academic Year 2015-2016 to participate in the 2nd edition of the International Design Competition (IDC). Last year, the design competition invited all the Countries that are part of the SAARC community. This year, we are reaching out to Countries that are part of the ARCASIA Member Nations.


Since the inception of ACA in 2011, we have driven ourselves towards creating a dialogue to understand architectural education that is being practiced not only within the plurality of the Indian subcontinent but also other institutions belonging to Asian countries. These are countries which share with us, similar cultural, social and environmental concerns. One such initiative to reach out to this wider context of Asia is the International Design Competition, which we have been hosting for the past two years. A competition which provides students from various architecture schools a common platform to experiment with architectural expressions within their contexts.

The objective of the competition is to facilitate ideation, innovation, creativity, dialogue and sharing among student communities belonging to varied regions. The bank of ideas thus generated would be reviewed, judged and evaluated by a panel of eminent jurors for the new knowledge it brings to the platform of the Competition. This year the knowledge that the process creates would be documented and shared with the participating community as well as the global fraternity in the form of a document that gets published at the end of the competition. Last year the competition involved the SAARC nations and posed them with the topic of “ICON DESIGN”. We received an unprecedented response of 75 entries engaging over 350 students from architecture schools across the sub-continent.


STAGE 1: Online Registration of entries starts on the 21st of August, 2015. 

STAGE 2: Online Submission of entries begins on 15th of September, 2015. Last Date for receiving entries is the 27th of October, 2015. All Submissions shall be made in PDF or JPEG format only. Submissions shall be made only through the Unique USER ID generated after registering on our website.

STAGE 3: Results shall be declared on the 31st of October, 2015.

STAGE 4: Post Declaration of results the winning participants would be invited to attend our Annual Festival “UDAAN”. They will be invited to present their work during the festival and shall thereafter be felicitated with the prize amount.


1. SITE: Participants shall intervene on a site in the urban/rural and geographical context of their choice. The area of the site shall NOT admeasure more than 10000 Sq. Meter.

2. DESIGN INTERVENTION: The intervention admeasuring a minimum of 2000 Sq. Meters will be proposed on the chosen site. No restriction on height is specified as long as the proposal responds to the context. The participants may choose to build upon an empty land or rebuild an existing old structure or even resort to an adaptive reuse of existing spaces and elements. Design Interventions and spaces could be BUILT ARCHITECTURE or LANDSCAPE INTERVENTIONS.


1. WRITE-UP: A 500 word write-up covering the following-

a. Description of your understanding of ‘Sacred Spaces’.
b. Justification of Choice of Site for Intervention.
c. The process & method followed in Process of Designing.

a. Participants can choose the adequate drawing scale to communicate their

design scheme effectively.
b. They can provide Architectural drawings sufficient to describe the scheme. c. Pictures of Scaled Models, Computer generated 3D-Views, Renders, etc.
d. Diagrams, hand-made sketches and other Representational material.


a. Submit (Upload) your entries using a maximum of 2 A2 sized sheets NOT exceeding a combined file size of 15 MB in PDF or JPEG format only, with the above submission specifications duly complied.
b. A4 sized PDF consisting of the write-up NOT exceeding a file size of 2 MB. c. A Bonafide Certificate from your College/ University/ Institute certifying your admission NOT exceeding a file size of 1 MB.

d. All participant teams shall be given a Unique IDC code that you shall have to put in all your deliverables.


Participating Teams shall comprise of a maximum of 5 students and a minimum of 3 students.
*(VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants should NOT reveal their Identity or College name by any means in their Presentations. Participants will be identified by their UNIQUE IDC Code)

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Date: September 23, 2015