Submission: March 13, 2016
Registration: March 13, 2016
Language: English
Location: UE
Prizes: Please check details in the text
Type: Restricted


More than 70% of EU citizens live in urban areas: cities and urban areas are centres of economic development, services, knowledge and creativity. Public space is the soul of the City, the place where all its features come together. It is an area of overlap and interconnection, the place where the character and the culture of a Society is materialized.

If the public space we inhabit today was basically constructed prior or during the Industrial Revolution, the Information Society is now beginning to bring new principles and technologies with which to rethink the functioning and structure of the streets, avenues, squares and parks.

Public spaces can now be transformed into Active Public Space, fostering human interaction with flows of energy, materials, services and business to catalyse sustainable economic development, resilience, and high quality of life.

Within the framework of “Active Public Space” (APS) a European funded project coordinated by IaaC and developed in partnership with the Centre for Central European Architecture in Prague and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, a Best Practice Catalogue on Active Public Space will be developed.

This activity will be devoted to detecting and mapping existing successful examples of active-smart public space in terms of design, technology, management and occupancy by citizens. In order to build the Best Practice Catalogue, APS is seeking case studies regarding existing public spaces with a particular interest in new “active” forms that emerge from the technological advances of the Information Age (as opposed to the Machine Age).

Projects admitted have to be developed and deployed in the following 7 European Countries are welcome: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom.


The Best Practice Catalogue on Active Public Spaces will be divided into three public space categories:

01. Square & Public Buildings
02. Streets & Pavements

03. Parks


> 2 top submitted entries will be invited to present at the Active Public Space Symposium in Barcelona in July 2017, and will be granted a travel subsidy / allowance of 300 Euros per person (the grant will be disbursed upon participation in the Symposium). In case winners may not be able to participate, the place will be given to follow-up entries according to the ranking.

13 selected and ranked entries will be published in the State of the Art Section of a Best Practice Catalogue and submitters will receive a free entry to the Active Public Space Symposium in Barcelona in July 2017.


Language: English
Eligible Projects: Any project located in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom that correspond to the above description of Active Public Space.
NOTE: the submitter does not necessarily have to be the author of the project.
Eligibility of Submitters: European Inhabitants: project authors or contributors, as much as participants, users, or observers of the project in the respective countries in question.
Submission requirements: submissions are to be made online, in English language, and according to the provided form. Please find it at the following address:


Copyrights: all parts of the submitted material (text and photographs), shall be authored by the submitters only. Original authors of projects and project-related information must be correctly stated as to the date of submission, leaving no doubt of origination.
Non-Eligibility/ Exclusion: violation of eligibility, submission requirements, and copyright rules.

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