aquatic center barcelona


Submission: May 31, 2017
Registration: May 31, 2017
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Prizes: 1st Prize: 2.000 €, 2nd Prize: 1.000 €, 3rd Prize: 500 €
Type: Architecture Students


Fira de Barcelona organizes Piscina & Wellness Barcelona every two years, meeting point for the main companies and professionals related to the water sector at worldwide level. Innovative products, research projects and solutions will be shown during the event. At the same time, exhibitions and conferences will be held to present the current and future trends of the water sector.

In the light of the above, the event wants to take a step forward during this 2017’s edition by looking for new contributions and tendencies in the philosophy behind the water enjoyment spaces. Therefore, it calls an International Contest from the point of view of future architects so they can express new perspectives to understand the relationship between human beings, architecture and water.


The area of intervention to be considered for the presentation of the project is located in the city of Barcelona, at Carles Buïgas Square in which nowadays there is a fountain with a sculpture by Eduard Serra.

This area is part of the complex of Fira Barcelona and the proposed solution will have to solve the connection with the 4 elements that surround it:

  1. 1-  The Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe
  2. 2-  The Palace of Victoria Eugenia
  3. 3-  The Fountain of Montjuïc
  4. 4-   Caixa Forum


All participants must be of legal age and will only be eligible for the prizes identified in section 10 provided they comply with the terms stated in these Terms and Conditions document. Participants who do not comply to the terms here established will be automatically discarded by the Jury.

The contest has an International target and is aimed at students of Architecture Schools in any country, therefore all participants must be registered in one of the Official Architecture Schools during 2017. Architecture or multidisciplinary student teams can participate to the contest if one of the members is student of Architecture. Only one proposal per participant will be admitted, and no participant is allowed to contest in two teams at the same time.


The proposal to participate in the Contest is to create and present a project of an Aquatic Center suitable for public bathing, which can be any kind of sports, leisure, relax, amusement pool, etc. subject to the contestant’s criteria.

Solutions that consider the value of water for health, for the environment and as a symbolic and essential reference element for the life of the planet will be positively valued. In this sense, the introduction of sustainable concepts in the architectural proposal is important.

The solutions provided can introduce new ideas to the traditional way in which this kind of buildings have been conceived to date, and it is possible to suggest innovative ways of interaction with water.

The project will provide functional solutions to accesses, interior tours, changing rooms and complementary spaces necessary to the use of water spaces for the public bath, as well as for the management of the aquatic center with the proposed characteristics. As it is a theoretical exercise, there is no limitation of buildability, heights or building volume.


The following prizes are awarded:

  • –  FIRST PRIZE, awarded with 2.000 €
  • –  SECOND PRIZE, awarded with 1.000 €
  • –  THIRD PRIZE, awarded with 500 €

Awards Ceremony will take place within Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2017 by Fira de Barcelona, on October 18th, 2017 during the Gala Dinner in Casa Llotja de Mar (Barcelona), to which the awarded will be invited (excluding travel expenses).

The three awards given will be disseminated through the Website of the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2017, in the brief publications of the Event and in the International Digital Platforms for Architecture.

The three awarded projects, together with other projects retained of interest, will be shown publicly during the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2017.

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Date: April 24, 2017