ADAPT Morphogenesis Competition

Submission: August 28, 2016
Registration: August 28, 2016
Language: English
Location: India
Prizes: Internships (6 individuals per zone will win these internships)
Type: Student Competition


We strongly believe that design extends beyond the“Physical”. If conceived well, it has the power to serve as a catalyst to solve some of the most pressing issues in developing countries. Today, India finds itself at the center of an innovation revolution across all sectors, these are exciting times to be in! It what defines the ethos of our design approach at Morphogenesis too.

For this reason, we have partnered with ACETECH, to seed lateral and critical thinking beyond college curricula, to nurture and foster this essential skill. The winning idea will be a holistic solution to an architecture/ planning/ design problem. Your entry could range from a small, simple product to a larger system, and must address 1 or more of 4 issues that are crucial in the context of Indian Design today- Sustainability, Affordability, Identity, Livability. Your solution must be contextual, achievable and easily understood.

• Your entry can be as an individual or as a team (max team size is 3 members). We encourage team participation, as often, the most workable ideas stem from bouncing off thoughts and ideas, and playing to different individual strengths.
• Please remember that your idea does not have to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective one. We have not set any specific categories so please feel free to test, expand and converge your knowledge and expertise from various fields. The only condition that you must follow is that the solution should address a problem pertaining to architecture/ planning/ design.
• We also recognize that having a great idea is not enough. An important part of this competition is to illustrate a team’s or an individual’s ability to take an idea from scratch to finish.
• Entries will be submitted as a pdf of 5 slides (standard 4:3 ppt size) that clearly defines the problem, what your solution is and how the solution comprehensively addresses that problem.
Download format here http://etacetech.com/innerpages/adapt.html

• Competition start date: 15th June, 2016
• Competition closes: 28th August, 2016
• Pre-Screening of entries by Knowledge Partner: To be announced
• Jury Screening of shortlisted entries: 10th September, 2016
• Announcement & Awarding of the Winning Entries:
Bangalore – 21st October 2016
Mumbai – 10th November 2016
Delhi – 15th December 2016
Ahmedabad – 20th January 2016

• The competition is open to all architecture and interior designing students from registered/accredited colleges.
• The participant(s) must send in the completed entry in the mentioned format within the due date for it to be considered as a valid entry.

• The Jury will comprise of prominent professionals in the field
• Pre-Screening of entries by Knowledge Partner: To be announced
• Jury Screening of shortlisted entries: 10th September, 2016
• Announcement & Awarding of the Winning Entries

The Jury will evaluate the entries on the basis of innovation and a balanced approach between interpretation of the idea and the ability to communicate it with clarity and excellence, in written as well as visual form. The winning entry will be a holistic solution to an architecture/planning/design problem that will be contextual, achievable and easily understood, and highlight one or more of the following characteristics:

• Sustainability
• Affordability
• Identity
• Livability

A maximum of 6 individuals per zone will win these internships. In case of team entries as winners, each team member will be offered internships, though not necessarily at the same firm

• Please note that the entry must be submitted as per mentioned guidelines (click to see the format) for it to be considered valid. Any missing or incomplete information will be considered as the basis of disqualification.
• While we hold all regional languages and dialects in highest esteem, please note that English has been chosen purely for convenience of understanding and communication to other stakeholders involved in the entire process.
• The entry must be submitted by 23:59 PM, 28th August, 2016. Late entries will be disqualified, irrespective of the reason.
• The entry should only contain the entry code and not have the name(s) of the participant(s) at any place. Any non-compliance will render the entry as disqualified.
• Only one entry is allowed per participant or per group.

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Date: July 26, 2016