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AFAIR UI 2018 Design Competition: “Lost and Found”

Submission: October 20, 2017
Registration: October 20, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Total of 15 million IDR
Type: Architecture Student


Have you ever had the idea to occupy a space that is soulless and lacking of identity? When you are in a transitional space, for example, can your surroundings leave you any meaningful/memorable expressions or a positive impact?

Residual spaces. They are spaces of nothingness, physically and psychologically. Ironically, their widespread existence tend to be abandoned/forgotten and considered useless and hopeless.

“Lost and Found” challenges you to explore and address meaningful expressions of these spaces. How far can we dig in the potentials that correspond to the surroundings of these residual spaces? Either solving an issue or embracing a local phenomenon, architecture contributes to kickstart positive changes to our society.


This competition aims to pool creative ideas on how architecture can catalyze real changes, starting from these spaces: the near, visible, yet forgotten and meaningless residual spaces. They are just lost spaces, in need to be found.

• To encourage deeper analysis towards residual spaces and their distinct potentials

• To generate creative ideas of intervention to address new meaning and identity into residual spaces


You may pick your own site (a public, residual space; real and existing). You are free to explore your chosen residual space in order to enliven it; bringing a sense of identity/locality and memorable expressions. This will allow you to tackle the design ideas as creative and as imaginative as possible. It can be a design, an installation, an activity to trigger urban guerilla, anything! You are free to decide the scale and dimension of your design. There is no limitation as long as it responds accordingly to its context. It has to be able to support the public life.

Just look around you.
After all, they are just lost spaces, in need to be found.

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