Antalya 2015 – Education Spaces for Kids

Submission: March 02, 2015
Registration: March 02, 2015
Language: English
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Prizes: 1st € 2500, 2nd €1500, 3rd €1000
Type: Open


The Chamber of Architects of Turkey– the Branch Antalya – has launched the tenth edition of the international ideas competition open to young architects throughout the world.

This initiative, organized each year in coordination with the Forum of Young Architects, has received since 2010  the support of the UIA.

The theme chosen this year is “Architecture Without Borders: Education Spaces for Kids.”  The participants are requested to consider the significance of the architectural notion of borders and to give architectural and spatial dimension to children’s educational spaces in order to encourage new ideas and innovative interpretations of contemporary pedagogy.

The competition is open to architects born after 1976 who areregisteredwith the professional organization of their respective countries.

The jury will award three prizes. The First Prize will be 2 500 euros, the Second Prize will be 1 500 euros and the Third 1 000 euros.  Aspecial prizeof 1 500 Euros will be awarded by the participants.

The submission deadline for projects is 2 March 2015.

The working language of the competition is English. There is no registration fee.

While thinking and designing architecture the concept of “border” has fertile connotations. In terms of quantity, border reminds minimum and maximum levels. As we can speak of such quantitative borders related to the physical configurations of architecture, spatial definition, which determines the quality of architecture, is also embodied through borders. Conventional understandings of space are conceived through borders set up between so-called “natural” and “artificial” environments. Instead of considering “border” as a straightforward word entailing a line, “border” may also be reviewed in depth as a problem-solving keyword which opens new architectural horizons by operating as connection as well as differentiation. Therefore the determination of the quality of borders may acquire a critical importance for being able to solve functional, structural and aesthetic problems of architecture.

In this conceptual architectural competition, which invites its participants into a more profound understanding of the architectural dimensions of “border”, “educational spaces for children” is selected as a functional ground on which new spatial thoughts can be tested. Contemporary World, which changes rapidly, requires new interpretations of educational spaces. In this framework the participants are expected to relieve the concept of “border” from conventional understandings developed by the adults while interpreting the contemporary problems of space from a pedagogic viewpoint.

Article 2: Organizers

The event is organized by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey Antalya Branch under the auspices of UIA.

Article 3: Type of Event

This single stage ideas awards programme is open to young architects worldwide in accordance with UIA-UNESCO regulations.

Article 4: Terms for Participation
  • To be born after 1976 and to be an architect,
  • To be a member of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey for participants from Turkey,
  • To be a member of an organization of architects in their own country for the participants from abroad.
  • It is possible to participate as a team. Each member of the team has to fulfill the above mentioned conditions.
  • Participation in the event is free of charge.

People who are relatives of jurors or the Technical Committee can not participate in the event.

Article 5: Language 

Turkish and English are the official languages for projects and documents.

Article 6: Schedule of the Event
Announcement:                                          December 15, 2014
Deadline for questions:                                        January 12, 2015
Deadline for answers of the questions:            January 19, 2015
Deadline for submission of projects:               March 2, 2015


Date: January 30, 2015