archi skin design competition

Archi-Skin Design Competition

Submission: December 28, 2017
Registration: December 28, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Singapore Institute of Architects has announced the launch of the Archi-Skin Design Competition in partnership with Asia’s premier solid surfaces provider Luxx Newhouse Group. The inaugural competition is calling for architects and students alike to submit their architectural skin designs from 1 – 28 December 2017.

The Archi-Skin Design Competition invites professional submissions to two categories: Completed Projects and Conceptual Design. In addition, a special segment of the Conceptual Design is created for students to “Skin Again” a building at a specific site – Blk 93, Jalan Dua, Singapore – a typical Housing Development Board (HDB) block of flats.

One professional winner in the Completed Projects category and the Conceptual Design category will be selected and awarded with the top prize money of SGD 6,500, trophy and certificate, with a possibility of realisation of the winning Conceptual Design. A student winner of the Conceptual Design sub-category will also stand to win prize money of SGD 3,000, trophy and certificate.


The Skin is a complex organ that extends as the key interface between the inside and the outside. It also extends inwards and transform into tissue that in many ways define what the organism is.

In Architecture, its “Skin” has a similar role. It protects, it extends, it negotiates with the environment to affect the spatial quality within as well as the urban context without. It can also be an armature and stratum for a multitude of systems. From living systems to system to convey people and services. It also can also swell out to accommodate an in-between zone that in itself is another space.

In the increasingly complex role in which the urban metropolis plays in natural ecology the design of the Architectural Skin becomes crucial. It cannot just be the boundary of an object. It needs to transcend and mutate to be relevant.

This design competition which will run for 3 years aims to be a platform for the consolidation of the best examples of Architectural skin as well as the place for the ideation of what Skin can be for Architecture.

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