Submission: September 15, 2021
Registration: September 15, 2021
Language: English
Location: Kazan, Russia
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The Open International Competition for development of an architectural concept of Galiasgar Kamal Tatarian State Academy Theater was launched on the main stage of the theater. To enter the competition, participants need to complete an application form on the official website by September 15. The competition will end on January 27, 2022

The significance of Kamal Theater as the first national theater with a centurylong history is high for both  Kazan and its citizens, as well as for the entire Tatar world. We want to use the most maximalist approach to  the execution of this project. This is exactly why we are launching an international competition for this project.  Nowadays, we engage international players in order to design territories and facilities that have a special meaning for the city. Lake Kaban waterfront in its current guise is a result of an international competition as  well, even though there were plenty of sceptics at the start stage. We now have a unique waterfront that is loved by natives of Kazan and admired by our visitors. We expect the same deserving result from this competition,” said Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin.

“Creation of new spaces is linked to both an increase in demand for space and development of the theater  itself, as well as reflection on its place in modern society and role in the culture of Tatarstan. We lack rehearsal rooms, wellequipped dressing rooms, we have no dance hall, no space where our actors can give classes, we  don’t have enough rooms for decoration, props and costumes storage, and the conditions for operating  personnel (who also participate in the general creative process) are very modest. But most importantly, we  don’t have a modern performance venue where directors and artists can go beyond creating and imagining, and so, as they say, put their most ambitious ideas into reality. It’s not about particular people, it’s about the theater art that doesn’t have the right to remain stagnant, and this includes the technology field as well. Wellknown Tatar writer Karim Tinchurin said that theater has to use all achievements of the modern art in its work in order to be able to communicate modern rhythms,” noted Principal Director of Galiasgar Kamal Tatarian State Academy Theater Farid Bikchantaev.

Competition’s Criteria and Regulations

The jury will acknowledge the presence of Kazan teams in consortia. To take context into account and to execute the project next, it is important for us to have citizens of Kazan participate in consortia from the start. We realize that this is a major push forward for the growth of local competencies. People who take part in international competitions and then execute projects in cooperation with international specialists present us works on a different level. We can see it from the results we receive from our architects. We also follow the reaction of natives of Kazan. The building will be situated in a park, and all communications and parking lots  will all be placed underground. The territory planned to be used as a park is going to be one, a park zone with a theater building. We are absolutely not going to add any other buildings to it and pave it. That is part of the terms of reference of the competition. A requirement all participants should comply with.


The winner will be the creator of the best proposal as chosen by voting of the competition jury. Based on the results of the meeting of the Jury, the winner and two finalists will receive additional payment equal to following sums:
• The reward for the winner is 2,500,000 rubles

• The reward for 2nd place is 1,500,000 rubles

• The reward for 3rd place is 1,000,000 rubles

The new building of the Galiasgar Kamal Tatarian State Academic Theater is planned to be built between the  Hadi Taktash street and the Nizhniy Kaban lake.


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