architecture festival

Architecture Festival

Submission: March 11, 2022
Registration: March 5, 2022
Language: English
Location: Indonesia
Prizes: Total prize amount IDR30.000.000+
Type: Open


The competition wishes to rouse the participants to search for innovative methods to integrate building and vegetation in an appropriate, contextual, and effective manner. Architecture Festival is an international architectural design competition where each year the participants are challenged to come up with innovative solutions to solve problems within the scope of the competition theme. The building concept will be the main assessment.

About the Theme

This year, Architecture Festival’s theme of “Breathing Buildings: Building as the New Lungs of the Planet” highlights the significant benefits of vegetation and its impact towards the environment. As an example, the usage of vegetation within a building can be utilized as a method to achieve thermal comfort and reduce radiation rates within a building. By achieving thermal comfort through the usage of vegetation alone points to the possibility of reducing significant energy usage within buildings. The usage of vegetation may also correlate with the improvement of microclimate, and other benefits and positive impacts vegetation may bring when integrated with building design. Thus, this theme strives to increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding towards the potential of vegetation in building design. Not only that, participants are also encouraged to look to plants and vegetation as sources of inspiration and use biomimicry to aid their design process.


  1. Participants understand the positive environmental impact of using plants in building architecture.
  2. Participants understand and can explain the important factors that should be considered when designing building that have a strong relationship with nature.
  3. Participants understand and can design building that leave a small carbon footprint.

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