decathlon architecture ideas competition

Architecture Ideas competition for Decathlon 2017

Submission: September 30, 2017
Registration: September 30, 2017
Language: English, French
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


These regulations (hereafter the “Regulations”) provide the framework for participation by the Applicant in an architecture competition “Tomorrow’s Decathlon” (hereafter the “Competition”) organised by the Organiser.


The Competition is open to any individual or legal entity whatever their nationality, place of residence or establishment. Participation in the Competition is free.

Applicants are divided into two objective categories :

  • The “Professional” Category comprising all Applicants currently carrying out professional activity relating to architectural design (legal entities, architects, graphic artists, designers, town planners, etc.)
  • The “Nonprofessional” Category, comprising all Applicants not exercising any professional activity relating to architectural design (students, other professions etc) The latter acknowledge that they take part on an exclusively personal basis without any legal, commercial, employment or academic obligation, etc.)

Each Applicant :

  • guarantees that their participation is free and voluntary and that they understand and will comply with regulations for participation ;
  • guarantees that their participation is not in breach and/or contradicts any undertaking that they may have made to any third party (employer, customer, contractual partners, etc.) ;
  • guarantees that they have no knowledge of any prior rights or rights held by third parties over the project that they propose ;


Competition entry is exclusively via the internet site www. competition-decathlon.com at the latest by 30 September 2017 before midnight (French time) :

  • Complete the online entry form ;
  • Supply a copy of their identity card via the online form ;
  • Accept the Regulations and the Contract for the Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights ;

Approval of entries will be carried out on receipt of the completed application. Acceptance of entries will be confirmed to Applicants by email using a participation number for identifying returns.


  • The Winner of the “Professional” Category will receive a prize of 10 000 (ten thousand) Euros.
  • The Winner of the “Non-professional” Category will receive a prize of 10 000 (ten thousand) Euros.

Prizes will be awarded to individual participants or representatives of winning teams.

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