Arquine Competition No.25 | MEXTRÓPOLI Pavilion 2023

Submission: March 6th, 2023
Registration: February 27th, 2023
Language: Spanish or English
Location: Mexico City
Prizes: 8,000 USD
Type: Open


Arquine celebrates 25 years calling the Contest with the aim of promoting competition as part of architectural culture. From the first editions, ideas were summoned and rewarded. Today, the contest invites you to design, build and activate a pavilion in the Historic Center of Mexico City within the framework of the MEXTRÓPOLI Architecture and City Festival; a pavilion that, temporarily inserted in the city, manages to generate, from its own discourse, an innovative and sustainable proposal; that allows the development of an open public program and that builds a place for interaction between architecture and citizenship.
Contestants must project a piece that meets the conditions specified in the rules of this contest in terms of time, costs and characteristics, considering the ability to provoke and attract the public, which will be a fundamental part of the evaluation of the proposal.

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