ASA International Design Competition 2016

Submission: March 15, 2016
Registration: March 15, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: US $4,000, 2nd Prize: US $2,000, 3rd Prize: US $1,000
Type: Open


What does the word ‘basic’ mean?  Fundamental, critical, essential, necessary – all these synonyms illustrate the significance of its meaning.  Architecturally, we often associate the term with the primitive, the vernacular, even the banal.

However, we sometimes forget to take into consideration the relative and temporal nature of the term.  What was considered ‘basic’ in the 1900s was a radically different paradigm from what we consider as ‘basic’ today.

Wireless technology, cloud storage, cryptocurrencies, smart materials – today, we live in a much more transitory, intangible, and decentralised world.  Our vital companions are smart phones.  Our essential workplace is not a place but wireless connection.

We find ourselves in an era of radical transformation in economic, ecological, political and climatic.  This prompts us to rethink the notion of ‘basic’, to update the role and performance of architecture in order to be able to keep up with our new lifestyle.

The competition asks you to redefine the word ‘basic’ through an architectural intervention.  The choice of program, site, and scale is open.  However, they must be clearly defined in each proposal.

Design Requirements
Each submission must address the following issues:

  1. Context
    – The submission must clearly define the context which the intervention addresses.
    – The intervention could be specific to one site or it could be a prototype intended for multiple sites.
  2. Design
    – The proposal must be an architectural intervention.
    – The intervention must address a specific program or a set of programs.
    – The scale of the intervention must be clearly defined.
    – There are no restrictions regarding the drawing type or the presentation technique.
  3. Project description
    – All text must be in English.
    – Maximum of 300 words.

The registration is free.
Entrants must register on our website www.asacompetition.com in order to obtain the project ID.


  • A single landscape oriented A0 sheet
    The sheet must be submitted in 2 formats:
    High resolution file
    – 150 dpi resolution
    – File type: pdf
    – Maximum file size: 20Mb
    – File name: projectID_150.pdf
    Low resolution file
    – 72 dpi resolution
    – File type: jpeg
    – Maximum file size: 1Mb
    – File name: projectID_72.jpg
  • A word file containing the project description
    – File type: doc
    – File name: projectID.doc
  • All 3 files must be marked with your project ID, presented clearly in the top right-hand corner of all your submitted files.
  • Your files must NOT include ANY information that may give away your identity. Do NOT include your name in your documents, only the project ID.
  • A single folder named with your project ID containing the deliverables must be submitted via wetransfer.com to submission@asacompetition.com
  • The email subject must be your project ID.


  • The registration and submission deadline is March 15, 2016.
  • A shortlist of entries selected for the exhibition at ASA Expo 2016 will be announced on April 9, 2016.
  • Winners will be announced at the ASA Expo 2016 in Bangkok on April 30, 2016.

Rules and Regulations

  • This is an international competition open to all architects, designers, students, and members of the public either individually or as a team.
  • Individuals or teams may submit multiple projects, but it is mandatory that each entry be registered separately, with separate project IDs.
  • The design cannot be submitted or published elsewhere before.
  • The entrant should have legal rights and copyrights to all materials submitted.  If the submission contains any material or element that is not owned by the entrant, the submission shall be excluded from any consideration.
  • The copyright of the project belongs to the entrant.
  • The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage reserves the right to release any of the submitted materials to the media for public relations, and will credit the entrants responsible for authoring the work.
  • ​The entrants shall not publish or make public of the entries until after the winners are announced.
  • If the submission violates any of the rules and regulations, it will be excluded from any consideration.  If the violation is known later, the prize, award and any merit given will be recalled.


  • María Langarita
  • Víctor Navarro
  • Boonserm Premthada
  • Kannika Ratanapreedakul
  • Twitee Vajrabhaya
  • Pitupong Chaowakul
  • Yarinda Bunnag
  • Manatspong Sanguanwuthirojana


  • First Prize:             4,000 USD and a trophy
  • Second Prize:       2,000 USD and a trophy
  • Third Prize:           1,000 USD and a trophy
  • 3 Honorable Mentions:       500 USD and a trophy

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