Submission: November 30, 2014
Registration: November 30, 2014
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Total of winnings : 51,000$
Type: Open competition


Opportunity to discover designers who have fresh ideas related to domestic and foreign industrialization of bamboo.
Promote the World Bamboo Fair Damyang Korea 2015 and create an atmosphere of excitement around it.Contest overview
– Theme:  Sustainable future andindustrialization of Bamboo
Competition division : three divisions related to design in the bambooindustry(Transportation, Household Supplies, Architecture)

Submission format
– Submission of required documents
: Application and entry manual part 1 (MS OFFICE WORD)
(Entry forms and an application guide can be downloaded from the website)
: All files for submission should be compressed into a single file with the file name ‘Bamboo_ exhibitor name _ Date of Entry” and sent by e-mail.
– Additional Documents (Optional)
: Proposals and Video presentations of design suggestions
⦁Submission is optional though additional points will be granted.                  ⦁Submission format: Proposals and Video presentation of suggestions
-Proposals should be 15 pages or less and MS OFFICE PPT should be converted to PDF file format
– Video file formats must be .MOV or .WMV  (resolution at least 720X480). The time should be 5 minutes or less and submitted in accordance with other criteria
⦁ Attach a photo or sketch and graphic design in 2D/3D
⦁ PPT files should be converted to PDF format
– Additional Documents (Optional)
:  Data files produced using 3D MAX
⦁ Submission is optional though additional points will be granted

How to apply
– Online application: by homepage of contest
– Notes
⦁All entries must be uploaded by 18:00 Sun 30 November to be considered.
⦁ Submissions received after the deadline (30/11/2014 18:00) will not be
⦁Any upload delay problems such as a connection timing out are the responsibility of the applicant. If an application is not received due to the receiving system overload or related failure, notice will be given on the website.
⦁ All submitted work and documents cannot be modified.

Assessment methods and criteria
– There will be a jury of both domestic and international experts in the field.
– Submission screening will have a primary and secondary (final) stage
⦁ 30-45 works will be selected through the primary examination
⦁ Secondary examination will be through a combination of screening by a professional jury and also an online poll. The final ranking for awards will be determined after taking into account the jury scores and results of the online scoring from the works being uploaded to the competition‘s website.
※ All applicants must agree, on the application form, that if they are selected in the primary examination they will exhibit their work during the specified exhibition. After the exhibition the non-award winning works can be returned to their designers.
– Judging criteria
⦁ First criteria: the possibility of realizing the design‘s production and commercialization.
⦁ Second criteria: creativity – considering functionality, purpose and design
⦁Any further detailed judging criteria will be determined by the contest organizer.
– All the contest participants who submit additional documents (proposal or presentation video) or 3D MAX file, will receive the opportunity for extra points in the judging.