Submission: July 22, 2016
Registration: July 22, 2016
Language: English, Italian, Espanol
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Prizes: 1st Prize: 500,00 euro, 2nd&3rd Prize: Subscription
Type: Open


The Gothic Quarter is a container of cultures and styles: originally a Roman village during the fourteenth century assumed its present configuration. To the many gothic buildings, among which is the Cathedral de la Santa Creu, adding construction contemporary styling a place that is constantly changing.

There are many squares and gardens where local people loves to tag along but La Rambla remains one of the major cultural places for tourists. Further south of the district there is the coastline that leads to the beaches of Barceloneta. The Barrio Social Housing is positioned to limit the district turning its gaze to the sea while maintaining a strong connection with the place and tradition. The proposal will heal a lot today imagining decommissioned a population type 2.0 cheap. An architecture capable of expressing a sense of contemporaneity useful to value the historical evidence present around the area of the project.


There is no limit for the competition. I allowed to contest all those who want to deal with the theme proposed, whatever their country of origin. There are no age limits, can enroll graduate students, graduates or professionals. You can participate as an individual or as a group (max 5 components). In the second case it is necessary to elect a leader to have a contact person to which official communications. All competitors have the same rights and must fulfill the same obligations. Groups can be mixed or use more professional, they may be made simultaneously by graduate and undergraduate students.


-18th April 2016: Open contest
-08th May 2016: Closing special entry
-22th July 2016: Closing regular entry and sanding project (deadline 23:59 italian time)

-25th July 2016: Meeting jury
-12 August 2016: Winners announcement


Registration is open until the last day of delivery processed 22th July 2016.

The registration procedures are as follows:

SPECIAL ENTRY: from 18th April -28th May price 15,00 euro for who prefear PayPal or 20,00 euro for who prefear bank transfer.

REGULAR ENTRY: from 09th May – 22th July price 20,00 euro for who prefear PayPal or 25,00 euro for who prefear bank transfer.

The entry is for each participant

The methods of payment are the following: -PayPal: You can submit your entry fee by referring to the startfortalents@gmail.com -Bank Transfer: For those wishing to pay by bank transfer can write to the email startfortalents@gmail.com and ask specific about the bank.

There are no refunds in any circumstances. For some questions you can use our email: startfortalents@gmail.com , we will respond individually if points of the call is not obvious. The official languages of the competition are: English, Italian, Spanish.


The files must be sent in a single solution, every files must contain the alphanumeric code in title, before 22th July 2016. Following the delivery can not be forwarded again to replace and should not be missing from any of the points listed below; who does not respect the Regulation is excluded from the contest. They are part of the documentation of the competition:

-MODEL A: In the end of regulation that you should send in .pdf format

-PROJECT TABLE: A digital file format A0 and drawn horizontally. It should be delivered in .jpg format with a resolution not exceeding 150 dpi. Anyone can decide how to draw up their work by inserting the elaborate plans, sections, three-dimensional reconstructions, render etc. The thesis project must contain at the top right a alphanumeric identifier (max 6 units)that each participant will choose freely.

-RELATION OF PROJECT: A folder A4 Word format, maximum 4,000 characters including spaces, where not inserted images or graphics design. Internally they are described reasons formal and functional characterization of most of the proposal. In the header you must insert the alphanumeric code.


The winners of the competition will be communicated no later than 12th August 2016. The awards recognized:

-FIRST PRIZE: 500,00 euro (excluding withholding tax) for each participant + 1 year subscription to the digital version of the magazine Domus + 1 copy of all our Notiziario magazine + our publications in digital copy + free participation in all of our future contests.

-SECOND PRIZE: 1 year subscription to the digital version of the magazine Domus + 1 copy of our Notiziario magazine + our publications in digital copy + free participation in all of our future contests.

-THIRD PRIZE: 1 copy of our Notiziario magazine + our publications in digital copy + free participation in all of our future contests.

Do not exclude mentions that the jury will agree to other worthy projects. There is no prize money for mentioned projects. All projects with recognition will be published on our site. For the winner is a necessary condition to answer the interview closed contest. Following this you will be paid the prize money that will be sent within 60 days from the announcement of the winners.

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