bauhaus campus 2021

Bauhaus Campus 2021

Submission: April 15, 2021
Registration: April 04, 2021
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Dessau, Germany
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The campus will aim to maintain an active student base of 120 to 160 students at any given time, so spaces should be designed to serve the needs of such a community. It will have a built-up area, without counting outdoor spaces, of approximately 3900 m2.


For the sake of this challenge we will imagine that a group of contemporary, visionary architects, has come together to revive the idea that once lead to the creation of the Bauhaus. This group believes, as once Gropius did, that radical changes are happening in life and society, and that architecture should play a major role in them. After all, almost everything we do happens under some sort of architecture. The spaces where we rest, where we work, where we exercise, chat, create, cook, sleep, dream, live… they all must be designed. But how can we be sure the ideas and solutions that lead these designs are still the best ones, when the way in which we live and perform many of these tasks has changed so much?


This competition is all about giving you the freedom to design without pressure and providing the platform for you to learn from an expanded network of architecture student peers. However, we know a little incentive has never hurt anyone, and so, with the help of our sponsors, we’ve put together an amazing pool of prizes!


Registration is open to any student actively enrolled in an undergrad program. Master students can also be eligible as long as they started their masters no longer than 18 months after finishing their undergrad program.


All submissions will be made through the arkitekturo website. Once registered, participants will have access to a private dashboard where they will be able to upload their student IDs and project.

Traditionally, architecture competitions ask for projects to be presented in one, or a series of panels. That makes sense if those panels are going to be printed onto a physical support. However, these days our work will be seen on digital media a lot more than they probably be printed. That is why, in addition to an A2 panel, we will ask all teams to also upload their renders, drawings and texts, separately and independent from each other. This will ensure that they jury can properly read all texts and see all images if they want to dive into a project. It will also ensure that the awarded projects can be published on digital media in a way that makes sense. Have you ever tried to read the text of an A2 panel on an Instagram post? Exactly!

The presentation technique is free. Renders, collages, models, watercolors, sketches… you are free to use the techniques you feel more comfortable with, as long as it can be photographed or scanned and be submitted in a digital format.

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