Big Urban Crunch

Type: Open

Submission: July 13, 2015
Registration July 10, 2015
Language: English
Location:  Mexico
Prizes1st 3.000 €, 2nd 1500 €, 3rd Prize 500 €


Big Urban Crunch is the new Rethinking competitions. This competition invites designers, architects and students to propose an intervention in a square in an expanded neighbourhood in Mexico. 

Our proposal comes from that reflextion about the need of a new city, more sustainable and dense. The utilization of the land, urban sustainability and variety of uses are the basis for a good city. We intend to take an specific case of a square, generate a new organization of housing to create urban spaces of socialization without extra ground.

The participant must develop an organization method progressive in time, leaving open spaces to socialize and live, parks, conections, plazas, commerce, full-emty.. as deemed appropriate. It’s time for fun!

It sounds complicated but we do not want it that way. Play with the options as if it were a tetris and propose, change, rest and add as you want. Be daring.

We give the plans of one a particular area of the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, an example of this phenomenon of dispersion. You can choose any of these squares to intervene, you can even choose more than one and make an urban intervention. It’s your decision.

The minimum program, fully open, is 50 dwellings, public areas, commertial areas and open space. You can always propose more dwelings, but always thinking of its sustainability. We recall that the interesting thing is the process of changing the existing situation to the new proposal. Flexibility and perfectibility. Living as a process, not as an end.


Marta Pelegrín Rodríguez and Fernando Pérez Blanco

(Mediomundo architects)
Antonio Estepa Rubio (director Escuela de Arquitectura USJ)
Rubén García Rubio (Cajón de arquitecto)
Miguel Villegas Ballesta and Lourdes Bueno Garnica
(Villegasbueno architects)


All students and architects or related professions anywhere in the world can participate in the contest. Participation can be individual or in groups, being eight (8) the maximum number of members. Team members can be from all disciplines (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.), without being necessary, although advisable, the presence of an architect or architecture student. It is allowed that members are from different universities and countries.


A total prize of 5,000 € will be distributed as follows:
First prize 3.000 €
Second prize 1.500 €
Third prize 500 €
For the first prize we also award with a subscription to DTF magazine.

Exhibition in Madariaga Foundation in Seville
Magazine publications
Blogs/architecture webs publications
reTHINKING official publiction

+ 10 Honorable Mentions

For all the prizes and mentions also provide a free annual subscription to access the content of tectonica-online.


april 6th 2015 Early registration starts
may 4th 2015 Early registration ends
may 4th 2015 Regular registration starts
june 15th 2015 Regular registrations ends
june 15th 2015 Late registration starts
july 10th 2015 Late registration and FAQ ends
july 13th 2015
20:00 h GMT + 1:00 Submission deadline
july 20th-august 20th 2015 Proposal evaluation
august 28th 2015 Winners announcements

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