BIS – Site Development

Submission: August 6, 2021
Registration: August 6, 2021
Language: English
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Limited, Professional


The main focus of the project study will be on the first stage in the development of the future building extension, the “New Development”. The BIS envisages a possible further building extension at a later stage, the “Second-stage Development”. Once the New Development has been completed and the business units have moved into the New Development building extension, the Botta building could be sold – see further details on section 5.3 below.

While the staged approach provides future long-term flexibility in the management of demand, a key requirement for the design of the first stage is its short- and medium-term adaptability to lower or higher demand for space. Such adaptability can materialise, for example, in renting-out options, modular architecture designs or densification options.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation panel will assess and evaluate the design proposals based on the criteria below (in no specific order of priority). The respective weighting of the criteria will be agreed upon by the jury prior to the assessment of the individual proposals.
List of criteria:
• Architecture and urban design
• Sustainability
• Building functionality and flexibility
• Cost and economic feasibility
• Construction and technical requirements
• Compliance with project study rules
In addition to assessing and evaluating the design proposals, the members of the evaluation panel are also responsible for ensuring transparency during the conduct of the study commission, equal treatment of the participants and compliance with the project study brief.


Eligible to participate in the project study are registered architects from any country.
Groups of architects, as well as legal entities created to provide architectural services, are allowed to participate. They shall appoint one individual person, having the required qualification, to be responsible for the participation and to represent them in the process.

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