Blophome interior decorating contest

Submission: December 22, 2015
Registration: December 22, 2015
Language: English,French, Italian, German, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: Total Prize Found €1,000.
Type: Open


The needed requirements to take part are simply to submit a project designed with the BlopHome application, at least with a Silestone’s product and with an email address for contacting. As many projects as desired can be sent.


Any person of age (18 years old) and from anywhere in the world can participate in this promotion. Employees of the organizing company Index Consulting, S.L. neither of SILESTONE cannot participate.
The contestant gives permission for the publication of the contest’s winning project on the Blophome website. The name of the winner will not be announced without the winner’s previous approval.

Once finished the contest, all the projects will be published on the Blophome’s website with the nick in order of score.


Each participant must carry out one or various interior design projects with Blophome, including a SILESTONE product or covering.

  • When saving the project from Blophome, a contest option will be shown.
  • Once on the option ‘save for contest’, you will be asked to give a nick, your name and email address.
  • The project will be saved and you will be already participating.
  • If you want to drop out a submitted project, send an email to contest@blophome.com indicating your name and email address. We will send a confirmation email.


The prize is worth the amount of €1,000.


Once the deadline for submitting the projects has concluded, Index Consulting will choose the best ten projects, evaluating the technical aspects of the knowledge of the application and the decoration or the room’s design, attending to its creative facet.

These ten projects will be published on the Blophome website and on the Blophone sites on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, where the popular voting will be opened for fifteen days. Once known the popular voting, Index Consulting will choose the winning project out of the five most voted ones. Index Consulting will notify by email to the winner the decision on the contest. At that moment, the company will ask for his or her bank account number for the payment by direct debit of the €1,000 of the prize. In case that the company cannot contact a winner in a period of 10 days, they will proceed to change the winner by the next one more voted. By submitting your personal data, users expressly accept the promotion conditions described in these rules of participation.


The contestant gives permission for the publication of the project as winner of the contest on the Blophome website. The real name of the winner will not be made known if the winner does not approve it. The nick will be made known.

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