Botanical Architecture

Submission: October 07 , 2016
Registration: October 03, 2016
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: 1st Prize: ¥1000,000, 2nd Prize: ¥500,000, 3rd Prize : ¥300,000, Merit Prize: ¥100,000
Type: Open


This year’s theme for the Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition is “Botanical Architecture.” The definition of “botanical” is “of plant biology.” Plants are a form of nature that is deeply related to the circulation of water. When people say green, they are referring to nature untouched. While the term botanical implies a form of nature that has been defined by humans.

“Botanical” implies a form of nature that is more like a garden than an untamed jungle. It is nature that is found in botanical gardens or in paintings. Human beings have made connections to plants through collecting, then planting or drawing.

That being said, what kind of relationship would you build with plants? We are looking forward to seeing a new relationship between nature and architecture found through your own observation.

First Prize (one) ¥1,000,000
Second Prize (one) ¥500,000
Third Prize (one) ¥300,000
Merit Prize (eight) ¥100,000  each
(Total prizes amount: ¥2,600,000. All above prize money includes income tax)

Entry Registration Period: April 1st (Fri), 2016 ~ October 3rd (Mon), 2016
Entry Submission Period: August 22nd (Mon), 2016 ~ October 7th (Fri), 2016
(Application must be sent by mail as reaching before 17:00 of closing day. Application by hand or by courier will not be accepted.)

Drawing should represent the concept of the theme just by the drawing as much as possible with less explanation word. ( at any scale)
Drawing should be block plan, floor plan, elevation view, cross-section view, perspective view, model photo etc.
You may use blue print, pencil, ink, color, photo, print etc at your discretion.
Complete all drawings, photo. etc on one sheet of thick drawing paper(like Kent paper) of A2-Size( 420mm x 594mm).
Thin paper such as imitation vellum-paper should not be used as easy to break when opening the envelop. Paneled or framed one will not be accepted.

* Inquiries:

The sponsors will not answer questions about the theme.
All matters not covered in these regulations are left to the discretion of the entrants.

* Submission:

On the back side of entry, attach the application form with filling up the necessary matters and send by mail to the under-mentioned address.
(Application by hand-carry, or by courier will not be accepted. Not use cylinder-type package as easy to break when opening)

* Address for Entries:

Nisshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Attn.: Dept. of Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition
2-23-4 Senju-Azuma, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0025, Japan

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