Brédy Bivouac: focus on a project conceived by a team of YACademy’s Alumni

During the 2019 edition of the course in Architecture forLandscape, YACademy’s students had the opportunity to work on a design project in collaboration with Cantieri d’Alta Quota, 

focusing on the design of a bivouac on the Alps to celebrate the memory of Claudio Brédy, a politician from Aosta who was passionate of mountains and tragically lost his life right on the mountains overlooking the Vertosan valley (site of intervention). 

Among the several, valuable projects developed by YACademy’s students, there was the proposal developed by Chiara Tessarollo, Skye Sturm and Facundo Arboit, respectively of Italian, United States and Argentinian origin. The team put forward a concept of great lucidity and compositional rigor: an architecture that drew inspiration from the mountain context in its essential characteristics. Their design is an apparently simple object, but one that is actually the result of a series of articulated and consistent reflections. The bivouac forms an intimate and welcoming interior space through a slope that projects the visitor towards the valley. Configured primarily as a telescope, the space is aimed at framing the wonders of the Vertosan valley in a southern exposure that maximizes energy gains through a large, singular window. A series of distortions are imposed on this telescope, allowing snow to be disposed of effectively from its surface; these distortions are operatively dictated by necessity but confer singularity to the architectural object. Regarding the choice of materials, the team followed in the steps of local construction traditions and chose wood for the skin of their structure. The result is modular and easy to install, drawing technical and compositional strength from its simplicity. 

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