Busan Station as The Hub of Creative Economy

Submission: October 08, 2015
Registration:  August 24, 2015
Language: English, Korean
Location: Busan, South Korea
Prizes: x3 1st Prize 6mln KRW, 2nd Prize 10mlnKRW, 3rd Prize 5mlnKRW
Type: Open 


This International Ideas Competition is for the internally and externally various and wide ideas to establish 『The Plans on The Hub of Creative Economy and Cultural and Artistical Square』 within Busan Station with the intention which revitalizes the original downtown through exchanging and spreading the environments of industry, culture, job, etc. from Busan Station as the starting point of Busan North port redevelopment project.


  • Plan on The Hub of Creative Economy』 which is affected to the industry of creative economy of IT, start-up, knowledge etc. by accumulating and integrating the activities of creative classes of young men, experts, intellectuals, etc.
  • Reflect the economic and public factors based on the understanding of regional circumstances and contexts.
  • Suggest the plan guideline to build the specialized identity for key areas through finding(inducing) each differentiated spatial factors which can maximize the regional and place values as well as complex functions.
  • Plan the cultural and artistical square represented and specialized Busan as the meeting and breathing place of culture, art, tourism, etc.

This idea isn’t limited and can be suggested by the concept and intention of a proposer as the Hub of Creative Economy plays a role of the exchange(connection) between Busan North port redevelopment and original downtown (including buildings, built-in structures, tourism, programs, etc.)

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