cafe bookstore interior

Café Bookstore Interiors

Submission: May 30, 2022
Registration: April 30, 2022
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: $150
Type: Interior Design Competition


Many standards of normalcy have changed considerably over the last few years, especially the way we interact with academic reading/study spaces. While academic study spaces were always there, technology; web libraries, and pandemics had a significant impact. Students are less motivated to be present in these spaces. This design challenge is seeking your thoughtful design solutions to foster vibrant, fun, and engaging interior spaces for a cafe bookstore. The site is your choice, but it should be specific to the grounds of a university/or college, in your town.

The design purpose:

• facilitates reading, studying, eating, and socializing activities.
• facilitates a variety of group sizes and noise control.


A successful entry should demonstrate the most inspiring environment to study, and get engaged with other students. The design should be unique, fun, and adaptable. Choose a theme for the project and explain why you have chosen this theme.


Open to all design students; emerging architects; and professionals.
Students may register and compete either as individuals or as teams having a maximum of 5.


One or two reading/eating halls. The combined area of all spaces are not bigger than 3500 square feet and
not higher than 22 feet.


The site is your choice, but it should be specific to the grounds of a university/ college in your town.

Submission Requirements

A) At least 4 critical views of your design.

Provide at least 4 illustrations of your design. Your submission can include drawings, sketches, photographs of a physical model, and/or renderings of a digital model. You can work by hand, with digital design software, or a combination. We are most interested in the quality of your ideas and the way you use the tools at your disposal. A thoughtful sketch can communicate as much as a digital model.

B) A narrative description of your design. (No more than 500 words.)
C) All submissions must be in pdf format, no larger than 10 MB

Competition Rules

The registration fee is $25 for non-students

The registration fee is $10 for students

Registration Deadline: April 30th, 2022

Submission Deadline: 30th May 2022

First Place winner $150

The first 5 winners: will be featured in the magazine and given certificates

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