Submission: June 15, 2018
Registration: June 15, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
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The island: between utopia and metaphor for reality.

The island summarises the double value inherent in the utopia:
– On the one hand “it generates tension towards news horizons, an aspiration that is well suited to the mentality of the utopist in conflict with his world” (Fortunati 1995a: 199-205).

– On the other hand, in its realization, closure and limitation: metaphysically, and ontologically, everything is contained in the island, a space that always refers to itself, and thus becomes an obsession.
At the base of the utopian construction there is a double movement, of opening and closing, of dilatation and contraction, which Tournier compares suggestively to the diastole ans the systole of the human heart.

1st PRIZE: Desplans gallery will edit the winner drawings in limited edition as Fine Art print, with Desplans certificate of authenticity (winners will have royalties on each sale). One framed edition will be offered to the winner. Library will publish a Monograph about the winner.
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