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Call for entries: Estée Lauder – Night Time is the Right Time

Submission: October 23, 2017
Registration: October 23, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Total Awards : €4000
Type: Open


New retail design contest on Desall.com: Estée Lauder and Desall.com invite you to design a new visual merchandising concept for celebrating and highlighting the Advanced Night Repair serum across various retail settings.


Founded in 1946, this technologically advanced, innovative company has gained a worldwide reputation for elegance, luxury and superior quality. Our products come with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence. Through extensive research and stringent product evaluation, we are pleased to bring you skincare, makeup and fragrance products that are both gentle and highly effective.

Estée Lauder invites you to design a new concept for the visual merchandising of the Advanced Night Repair serum, creating a disruptive and meaningful user experience inside the stores, involving different elements and supports according to the specific retail settings.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Introduction to Advanced Night Repair:

– Advanced Night Repair was the first serum ever launched over 30 years ago. Many have followed, yet, the formula, which was upgraded with latest technologies, still ranks number one in most markets around EMEA and around the world. Advanced Night Repair is over $1B at retail globally.
– Advanced Night Repair is the cult serum. This product is the absolute reference in the Prestige cosmetic industry. Always imitated, never matched. Even its packaging became iconic over the years. The Little Brown bottle is adored by women around the world.
– Advanced Night Repair is a product that women transmit to the next generation. It is the beauty secret, literally, beauty sleep in a bottle.
– Advanced Night Repair helps skin repairs at its best at night, so women wake up to their most beautiful skin, every morning.

The night is a precious moment that is cherished by all women, regardless of age or culture. The night holds both an aura of magic and trust.
The night and sleep act like a recharge for women. It is a full regeneration for both the body and mind.
This precious night-time moment is an inner and mindful luxury moment for women. They indulge in it to balance the hectic aspects of their lives and the many demands they are facing during the day.
Regarding beauty and skin, women know intuitively that the night is the most beneficial moment when their skin can breathe, recover and regenerate. In this prolonged pause, their skin can be more receptive to nutrients. Cleaned and nourished, the skin can use these hours of beneficial time to regain and recharge what is lost.
The night is more precious for their beauty than the morning. The night is to let the beauty and the skin recover from the stress that came to it during the day. The morning is there to shield the beauty and the skin from the day to come.


Night products are expected to nurture, oxygenate and refill the skin cells. This lets them regenerate so that the skin can stay in optimal condition and the effects of aging are set back.
Women aim to maintain their skin, nourishing it and protecting it from major damages. They want their skin to stay healthy and at its best for that particular age, as long as possible.
In this ambition, products become important allies to overcome the challenge. Their effects always go together with keeping a healthy lifestyle: sleeping well and for enough hours, eating well, and drinking enough water are key.
Night-time skincare regimen is about cleaning, relaxing and regenerating for all generations. But the older we get, the more we feel the skin needs. Millennials focus on the cleaning and sometimes even skip it. The GenX underline the importance of the relaxing. The Ageless focus on the regenerating and the firming.

Product typology: you are invited to propose a concept for the visual merchandising dedicated to Advanced Night Repair inside the various points of sale, creating the design of a permanent in-store installation and the design of the relevant displays for the retail settings (free standing on the floor, gondolas, on shelves, on counters). The concepts you propose shall give maximum visibility and prominence to the Advanced Night Repair serum, celebrating its unique role of skin restoration associated with the night.

Theme: a key element in the Advanced Night Repair communication is the night, as a catalyst of the processes of skin restoration of the body, particularly beneficial to the skin health. Your design shall be able to loudly advocate the benefits of the technologically advanced properties of the Advanced Night Repair serum that triggers and facilitates a self-repairing process naturally carried out by the body, especially during sleep hours (see Material files for further info). Furthermore, your concept shall metaphorically represent a living monument, something that transcends the concepts of time and space, truly celebrating the Advanced Night Repair serum, embodying its unique properties into something visually meaningful and memorable for the user experience inside the store, something always on, always visible, causing real impact into the customer. Ultimately, your concept shall be able to convey all the magic of the night and its particularly favourable time for skin health, giving voice to the own the night slogan associated with the serum, in a loud and memorable way.

Retail settings and size: Advanced Night Repair is currently sold in different store typologies, each with its own constraints and requirements. Your concepts shall be applied across all these three retail settings: brand-owned boutiques, department stores and perfumeries with the due adaptations and customisations. For this reason, modular or scalable concepts will be preferred. In particular, brand-owned boutiques and event podiums set virtually no limits for installations, except for limiting the dedicated area to no more than 30% of the overall space. Department stores and perfumeries outposts, allow for installations or displays ranging between 130 and 160 cm in height, while inside perfumeries the only space available for the visual merchandising dedicated to Advanced Night Repair allows for a very restricted space on shelves and counters (a few centimetres in height).

Visual merchandising elements: your concepts can involve the use of several elements in the visual merchandising industry: floor displays, wall shelves displays, gondolas,counter displays  and other elements. Consider that the installation will be permanent, that is it will be present inside the point of sale for +1 years. For a few examples, please refer to the Material files attached.

Values to convey: your concepts shall convey a sense of awe towards the iconic Advanced Night Repair serum, taking the metaphorical form of a monument that celebrates Advanced Night Repair as the star, the hero of the night, transcending the categories of time and space. Customers shall perceive the Advanced Night Repair serum as the result of a pioneer scientific research which gives further proof to the serum high effectiveness especially during sleep, thanks to its unique property that facilitates the activation of the self-repairing biological process of the skin.

Materials: the installations you propose can be realised with different kinds of materials and the materials themselves can be determined by your concepts. Among the allowed materials, you can employ paper, carton, plastics, all kinds of wood, resins and metal. Avoid live, organic, non-durable and degradable materials.

Technology to employ: with a view of delivering a very engaging experience inside the stores, your concepts might include the use of various technological solutions, to further boost the visual impact and enrich the sensorial experience associated with Advanced Night Repair. Always keep in mind the various constraints and space available according to the specific element and store.

Style, colour and brand compliance: your concepts shall truly embody the style and brand identity of Advanced Night Repair, as per the example attached in the Material files.

Logo: your concepts shall provide for the use of the Estée Lauder and Advanced Night Repair logos while also respecting their visual codes, across all visual merchandising elements (see Material files).

Target: Advanced Night Repair is mainly addressed to women +18. Specific ideas for Millennials, Post-Millennials and Ageless consumers will also be welcomed.

Deliverables: upload all the images that better present your projects (renderings, sketches, descriptions, etc.) presenting your concept in all three retail settings, that is perfumeries, department stores and brand-owned stores, clearly showing how the visual merchandising is placed in the space. If necessary, remember that you can also attach a .ZIP archive containing extra materials (for ex. higher-res images, PDF files, etc.).

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