Carpineto Mountain Refuge

Submission: October 23, 2015
Registration:  October 20, 2015
Language: English, Italian
Location: Carpineto Romano, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize: 1000 €,  2nd Prize: 500 €, 3rd Prize 250 €
Type: Students & Young Architects


”Carpineto Mountain Refuge” competition aims to promote the territory and the landscape of Lepine Mountains through a series of temporary receptive points nearby the main mountain paths hiked over by tourists, that go from the valley to the tops of the mountains that surround Carpineto, rethinking the old mountain huts in a contemporary way.
The competition promotes the design of a prototype of huts ideally placed at the crucial points of the routes, where other tourist facilities have been placed over the years but that lack of architecture style and quality.
The hut will be sustainable both in the choice of materials and in the use of passive and active energy systems that are integrated into the composition of architectural volume.
The hut should be maximum 5 meters high and its area should not exceed 20 square meters.
Inwards the hut should host the following areas:
– bed (4) – kitchen (basic services) – relax area – toilet/dressing room (essential services)


The competition is open to university students, graduates and young professionals under 32 years .

Every member of the team must fulfill at least one of the above mentioned criteria, with reference to the start date of the competition, proving it by appropriate documentation.

Every team can be composed of 1 up to 5 people, members can attend different universities or come from different countries.

The multidisciplinary team, dealing with projecting activity from innovative points of view and giving a perspective different from the architectural one, are appreciated.

In order to preserve the transparency of the competition, it is not allowed the partecipation of people that are related until the 3rd degree of kinship (included) to organization and/or jury members.


1° Prize: 1000 € + Exhibitions + Pubblication

2° Prize: 500 € + Exhibitions + Pubblication

3° Prize: 250 € + Exhibitions + Pubblication

Special Mentions: Exhibitions + Pubblication

Among the three winning groups, one or more participants will be selected to compete for an internship in the practice Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners. Arrangements and duration to be agreed upon.

The selection process will be carried out by the archiSTART team and by the hosting practice after an accurate assessment of the participants’ portfolios.

The Association of Engineers of the Province of Rome will award a plaque to all the team members that will produce a project proposal interesting and innovative in terms of technical solutions.


Candidates can apply signing up as members of archi- START and filling an appropriate form in the private area http://my.archistart.it/ on our website (http://www.archi- start.it/) and paying the membership fee.

-8 Jun / 25 Aug SPECIAL REGISTRATION 60.00€

-26Aug / 20 Oct NORMAL REGISTRATION 80.00€

This fee is considered as one for each team (for every project proposed), whichever is the number of the members.

The team leader, signing in to myarchiSTART section of the website, will fill the application form, select the competition and indicate the name of the team and of the other members. Moreover he/she must provide for the payment of the membership fee.

At the end of this procedure, the archiSTART team will verify the application and the payment of the membership fee and it will assign an identification CODE (to put on the project, A1-table) and by then it will be possible to upload the project in the dedicated area on myarchiSTART

All communications as well as the prize in case of victory of the competition will be delivered to the team leader.
If a team intends to submit more than one proposal, it can do it registering every project separately and paying the relative association fee.


the project must be presented with one table in DIN-A1 (horizontal) format. This must report the registration code of the team received from the team leader in the private area myarchistart.

In case the name of the team or its members, or any explicit reference appear, allowing to associate the project to the team, the proposal will be disqualified.

The team will be fully responsible for the contents and ways of representing the project and it can adopt every graphic instrument to explain its ideas in the best way.

Anyway we suggest to include at least: – Main maps
– Sections (partial or total)
– 3D Views

Not only the idea and quality of the project will be considered important, but also, the clearness and representation skills, so as to express the content at the best.

Short captions are also allowed but only in Italian or English, other languages will not be taken in consideration.

If you want to deliver the project before the deadline of the competition, you can only send it by your personal profile on myarchiSTART.

The design must be exclusively in Jpeg format and DIN-A1 size, with a maximum weight of 6 Mb. A 72 DPI resolution is suggested, but also bigger resolutions are allowed (provided that the file doesn’t exceed 6 Mb).


The winning projects will be selected according to the following methods:

1. Delivery to the jury: all the projects will be delivered to the jury, that will judge the works basing on the criteria of the competition.

2. Selection: the jury will choose the winners of the 3 prizes and the honorable mentions.

The jury will evaluate the projects considering the following

The jury will evaluate the projects considering the following criteria:

– Representation: clearness of ideas and graphic quality (1-15 points)

– Integration with the context: assimilation to the human and historical environment (1-20 points)

– Architectural composition: quality of the project and formal composition (1-30 points)

– Connection with the competition: ability to fulfill the requirements of the competition (1-15 points)

– Feasibility: sustainability of the proposal from the envi- ronmental and feasible point of view (1-30 points)

– Techniqual solution: functional and innovative proposal from the technical point of view (1-10 points)

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