Century 22 competition

Century 22 | International Design Competitions

Submission: April 30, 2017
Registration: April 30, 2017
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Grand Prize: US $1500, Runner Up: US $750
Type: Open


Century 22 is the first of twelve International Design competitions under Vowels Idealeague 2017. The year is 2200. A bio-war has shattered the little peace left in the world. There were around 10 billion souls breathing and walking the planet. Barely a handful of them survived unscathed.

Awaken to the Century 22 where the survivors are entrusted with the only remaining barren ground as a hopeful future to defend. Taking survival of the fittest to a whole new level with peaceful livelihood being the ultimate luxury one could ever ask for, when your opponents are anything but predictable!

In the end, nothing else matters as much as surviving life with your kin. YOU are the beacon that can light the way for a new civilization, built from the ashes and debris of the past. To design a stronghold where the remaining survivors may find a few moments of calm after years of devastation.


Grand Prize (1) – INR 1 Lakh/ $1500

Runner Up (1) – INR 50,000 / $750

Consolation Prizes (5) – INR 10,000 / $150 worth of gadgets (each)


Open to all Students and Professionals (Each team can have 4 members)

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