seoul architecture competition

Changdong ⦁Sanggye East-West Connection Bridge Construction Design Competition

Submission: July 01, 2019
RegistrationJune 14, 2019
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


To settle the problem of increased traffics because of Seoul Arena and Changdong, Sanggye’s new business and cultural-industrial state. For the bridge construction that will represent the whole area that will become the new capital of the North-East side, we would like to decide the design that is creative and will embrace its surroundings.

Competition Outline

(1) Competition(Construction) Title : Changdong·Sanggye East-West Connection Bridge Construction Design Competition
(2) Competition(Construction) range
◦ Location : Dobong-gu Changdong 1-11~ nowon-gu Sanggye-dong 820
◦ Construction Size : 2 Bridges (walk, drive waywidth 32m, extension 132m / pedestrian way width 10m, extension 115m)
(3) Estimated Construction Cost : approx 22,445,000,000 KRW won (overhead expenses and VAT included)
(4) Estimated Construction Start time : Latter half of 2020
(5) Planed Construction Cost : 907,000,000 KRW won (compensation including damage cost and guaranteed bond) 907,000,000won(including tax and )
(6) Estimated Completion Time : 12months from the start date (Plans to be confirmed after the contract, including holidays and weekends)

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