Child-Friendly Public Space

Submission: May 15, 2015
Registration April 15, 2015
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize 1800 €, 2nd Prize 1200 €, 3rd Prize 600 €


Public spaces of the central city part have varying degrees of congestion: some are constantly used for arranging festive events, seasonal and holiday trade; others, with absolutely suitable geometric parameters and location, are purely transit areas.

These areas often become locations of unauthorized remote trade with corresponding accumulation of disharmonizing objects, advertising, rubbish etc. Absence of places designed for short-term stay of children and families with children is especially noticeable. In this regard, along with other objects of public service, unauthorized set of children’s entertainment facilities start to appear: trampolines, bicycles, electric cars. Those, in return, often neglect basic safety rules for children and random pedestrians. Those areas are in need of improvement, detailing, adding sense and qualitative elements of landscape, urban design (both stationary and mobile types) with the possibility of rapid transformation.

Projects will be identified with the help of assigned a six-digit number.

One project for one of the areas offered by coordinators; (or one project for each of the several areas offered by coordinators).

All signatures on tablets, summaries and explanations of the projects must be written with both languages ​​or just in English.

 Provided in electronic form.

 No more than three A4 pages (pdf): idea justification; description of structures and materials; estimated cost of the project.

Executed on tablets of A1 format, no more than three tablets by design pattern (in applications, jpg or pdf, 300 dpi). List of contents: situational plans (Scale 1:2000) territory scheme (Scale 1:500), detailed drawings of individual elements*; conceptual diagram explaining the idea; three-dimensional visualization (at least three angles); territory and surroundings scan-through, front views ( Scale 1:100*).

 Additional video / slide presentation of design and layout are welcomed