China East Lake Tai- International Public Art Competition

Submission: May 31, 2015
Registration April 30, 2015
Language: English, Chinese
LocationLake Tai, China
PrizesGeneral Award: 80,000 RMB 


From river village to city, rural to urban, Jiangnan river towns are in a conflict of modern development and traditional culture. Wujiang is accelerating the formation of a waterfront town, whose history dated to the birthplace of “Wu culture”6000 years ago, Majiabang culture.

Now the new capital of water and ancient banks of Lake Tai(or Lake Taihu) is growing into a city. With drizzles and aerial ports, the ancient legend of Taihu is casted in new context.
“Water City” is going to innovate modern public area according to cultural heritage, explore sustainable development of the Yangtze River Delta, and create a vibrant city with outstanding geographical and cultural feature.
“Wonderland”, is a magic public art: dancing with water, the dynamic core of water city. Illusion enhances the spirit of public life, creates a harmonious state with publicparticipation and interaction.
We provide an abundant space for worldwide artists and designers to make a difference.

Three public spaces in East of Lake Tai eco-tourism resort area. You will find the specific scope in detailed drawings.
Contestants could select one area in three public spaces (Site A, Site B, Site C). Also, contestants could select all of the three spaces and submit masterpiece separately.

Contestants take full account of Wujiang history, cultural background, in addition to the current status of waterfront venue, future development, environmental resource, landscape system, to plan for future tourism and entertainment. You should come up with conception of art product, architecture, landscape and urban furniture.
Forms, materials, technique of expression are not limited.
Interdisciplinary creativity ,open-minded though and diverse expression are encouraged.

Submission Requirements
Plans should be completed within 2-4 drawings (300dpi, 800mm × 600mm), including but not limited general layout, plans, elevations, perspective, color renderings.
Additionally, please compose a project description about 150-200 words to illustrate project name, conception, color, material, size and evaluation both in English and Chinese.

The Accreditation Committee will assesse the conceptual design , taking consideration of overall effect of the application scheme, shape, construction costs and other indicators in review. The results of comprehensive review will provide incentives to award-winning programs.

Review Standards

  1. Regional: focus on natural environment and local historical and cultural factors, the use of appropriate art and design languages to express humanistic spirit.
  2. Functionality: binding region of the tourism industry, focusing on people’s entertainment, interactive participation. Create interesting, dynamic and ecological waterfront to meet people’s demand of leisure, communication, entertainment, fitness, watch in outdoor activities, so that everyone could enjoy the freedom of vitality and ornamental space
  3. Foresightness: programs should include advanced concepts using the most cutting-edge techniques
  4. Iconic: a strong sense of identity, the surroundings have a lasting impact on its aesthetics according to specific geographical location
  5. Ecology: the use of ecological, low-carbon concept.
  6. Practicability: the conceptual design should take full account of the possibility of implement.

The jury is likely to further define the criteria.

General Award:80,000 RMB(1 person/team in total)
Subarea Awards:30,000 RMB /team(3 person/teams in total)
Finallists:10,000 RMB /team(5 person/teams in total)
(The awarded designers should pay tax by themselves, and there is no extra pay for the any contestants.)

Award winning plans will be further developed.
Those who pass the final trial will be constructed and maintained permanently.

The Jury
Zheng Shiling, (Jury President) :Membership of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Urban Planning, Tongji University, doctoral tutor
Wu Zhiqiang, Vice President of Tongji University, Shanghai 2010 World Expo Chief Planner
Shen Lieyi, Vice director of public art school, China Academy of Art
Jean Blaise, Famous public art curator and artistic director of the Nantes, France
Liu Jianhua, Independent cultural and ecological society scholar, managers of the eastLake Tai eco-tourism resorts

Organizers: Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort Management Committee, Beijing Hui Shide counseling centers, di Design magazine

Please download registration form from official website and submit the specified e-mail by mail before 24:00 (GMT+8) April 30, 2015.

Please submit masterpiece no later than 24:00 (GMT+8) May 31, 2015.

Jury Schedule
Preliminary decision will be announced in early June, 2015
The second trial results will be announced in late June, 2015

General Rules

  1. Units or individuals who participate in the contest and agree to abide by the rules of the content and the Solicitation notice. Organizers have the final rights to explain.
  2. Plans that have participated in other contests are not allowed to participate.
  3. Entries must be original and the first publication without any infringed rights of third parties.
  4. Travel-related expenses are excluded.
  5. The winning prize covers the fee of buying the copyright and relevant rights.
  6. The event organizers have the right of utility, media release, exhibit and construct. Please duplicate file for future reference
  7. The contest rules are related to the People’s Republic of China. If any dispute arises, the parties agree to submit the application of arbitration to Shanghai InternationalCourt of Arbitration.
  8. Organizers have the rights to modify related activities schedule depending on circumstances.

di design magazine
Contact: You Xiaomei
Tel: +8621 64400372-8306
Electronic file submission mail: competition@a-d-cn.com
Address: Room F1, 4th floor, No. 1800 West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai,China
Website: www.a-d-cn.com
Note: The units or individuals who are interested in participating could visit the official website to download relevant materials.
All these times are Beijing Time(GMT+8). The organizers have the rights to change the schedule of activities reserved; any change will be announced 7 days ahead of the time.