Clubhouse – Sports Viewing Center

Submission: March 15, 2022
Registration: March 14, 2022
Language: English
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Prizes: USD 24,000
Type: Open


The challenge is to design a clubhouse that is used as a viewing center by spectators of an event. It can also be used for conducting indoor community activities at other times. The design of the clubhouse must be harmonious with the local context. The space designed must be multi-functional so that it can be used for additional activities, remaining active throughout the year. Safety and security measures must be incorporated in its design since it is a public space entity. Measures must be taken to design within the economic constraints of the local community. The aim of the design is to provide a comfortable experience to the audiences of all types of events.

The design is a small-scale intervention that has the potential to be employed in multiple locations with similar inadequacies. The deck must be such that it offers a better view of the events without being an obstruction to other occupants in and around the site.

Design objectives

  • Concept: The unique form can be inspired to have a non-obstructive and transparent design that can blend seamlessly with the surrounding.
  • Function: The spaces must be designed in a way that they can be flexible to accommodate a wide range of functions.
  • Economical: The design must be modular and low cost so that the concept of the clubhouse can be adopted in other fields as well to provide premium viewing.
  • Context: The design must respond to the (existing) site conditions. The wider socio-cultural, economic and environmental settings are to be considered in the design approach.
  • Upgradable: Efforts can be made to ensure that every element of the design can be used to its maximum extent if demand increases, in the future.


  • The minimum eligible age for participation is 18 years.
  • The competitions are open worldwide for designers from any discipline.
  • You can participate as an individual or as a team of a maximum of 4 members.
  • All students and professionals can participate in the competitions.

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