Taiping Property Announces Conceptual Design Competition for Qianjiang New City

Conceptual Design Competition for Qianjiang New City

Submission: April 03, 2018
RegistrationApril 03, 2018
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Hangzhou, China
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The competition invites conceptual design proposal for a class-A, high-end office building which incorporates innovative ideas, advanced technology, reasonably practical functions, thus constructing an iconic building in Qianjiang New City of Hangzhou, China.

I. Project Profile

The two plots of the project, Unit JG1302-05 Land and Unit JG1302-06 Land in Qianjiang Xincheng (Qian Jiang New City), Hangzhou, are adjacent to each other. They are located in the core area of the New City, reaching Shimin Street to east and south, extending to Chengxing Road to west and south, near Qianjiang Road to west and north, and adjacent to Liyou Business Center, Jingfang Power Substation of Electricity Authority to east and north.

The total building area is 22,093.00m2. Volume fraction is no more than 4.5. The main purpose of the project is for business use (B2). Above-ground building area included in volume fraction must be no larger 99,418.50m2. Greenery ratio must be no more than 15%. Building density is no higher than 45%. The building height of JG1302-05 and JG1302-06 must not exceed 70m and 80m respectively.

II. Competition Method and Registration Requirements

Registration of the competition is open to all domestic and foreign independent design institutions with relevant design experience. The following applicant qualifications shall be met at registration:

1. If the applicant is a foreign institute, it shall possess legal business and design license in the nation or region where it is based;

2. If the applicant is a domestic institute, there shall be an independent legal person, and operating with a Class-A Certificate in Architectural Engineering Design, and a Class-A Certificate in Engineering Design Integrated Qualification;

3. If the applicant is a Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan institute, it shall possess legal business and design license in the region;

4. Joint applicant composed of two institutes which meet the requirements 1-3, including: a) Joint applicant composed domestic and foreign institute; b) Joint applicant composed of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan institute and foreign institute; c) Joint applicant composed of domestic institute and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan institute. The joint applicant shall not take part in the competition in personal name or in the joint name with another design institute.

5. Application from individual and/or unlicensed group of individuals will not be accepted.

6. Proposal designers to join the consulting session shall be registered staff members in the design institute. Chief designer shall have experience in leading multiple projects of the same kind, and must directly take part in all stages of the competition. In order to ensure project proposal designer can attain an accurate understanding of regional context in China and the relevant requirements, there must be at least one project proposal designer who is fluent in Chinese.

7. Design institute shall provide prequalification materials according to the requirements stated in competition documents upon registration.

III. Note

1. The organizer will decide candidates according to the prequalification documents and other materials submitted by the applicant from the perspective of institute’s comprehensive strengths, design institute’s achievements and experience and composition of the design team.

2. At stage 1 of the competition, 6 candidates are selected by prequalification. Three of them are foreign institutes meeting requirement 1; and three are institutes meeting one requirement of 2, 3, 4. Besides, 2 alternative candidates are selected, meeting one requirement of 1, 2, 3, 4 (sequenced in order). Alternative candidates serve as substitutions in order if there is withdrawal at stage 2.

IV. Registration Method and Document Collection

The design institute or joint institute willing to join in the competition shall fill in “Application for Taiping Property’s Conceptual Design Competition for Qianjiang New City” (Annex 2) as required by “Notice of ‘Taiping Property’s Conceptual Design Competition in Qianjinag New City” (the document) and Annex 1 “Taiping Property Announces Conceptual Design Competition for Qianjiang New City – Notice of Participation”. A joint institute shall provide “Joint Design Agreement” and register before 17:00 on April 3, 2018 (Beijing time). Relevant information and documents can be found on the following websites:

Website 1: ArchDaily (https://www.archdaily.com)
Website 2: ABBS (http://www.abbs.com.cn)
Website 3: CHINATAIPING(http://www.cntaiping.com)

Relevant annex for download via the following link:
Annex 1 Taiping Property Announces Conceptual Design Competition for Qianjiang New City – Notice of Participation
Annex 2 Application for Taiping Property’s Conceptual Design Competition for Qianjiang New City
Annex 3 Joint Design Agreement

V. Registration Enquiries

Registration Channel 1:
Mr. Xu (+86)13902937655, (+86)75588242957
E-mail: xusq@tpih.cntaiping.com

Registration Channel 2:
Mr. Chen (+86)17317701110, (+86) 2160458629
E-mail: chenxf@tpih.cntaiping.com