Conscious Cities Anthology 21

Conscious Cities Anthology 21

Submission: August 01, 2021
Registration: August 01, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


In anticipation of the 2021 Conscious Cities Festival this October, we are delighted to announce an open call for submissions to its official publication — showcasing the diverse and impactful thinking by Conscious Cities practitioners. This years broad theme is: The Person-Space Continuum.

Submissions may address the following, but are not bound to the themes below:
– Community Participation, Cross-disciplinary Design Research and Practice
– The relationship between phenomenology of spatial experience, building technology, and computation
– Quantifying the person-space dialogue and impact-driven design methods and processes
– Role of critical theory and pop-culture in the design of future places

Content must be applicable to the Conscious Cities Festival theme. The tone should be clear and accessible to a general audience. Refer to prior issues of the Conscious Cities Journal, Anthologies, and Jouska! for reference.


WRITTEN WORKS: Authors (as individual or in groups) may submit more than one BUT NO MORE THAN 3 written works, which must be submitted separately using this Google form.

MULTIMEDIA WORKS: Authors (as individual or in groups) may submit more than one BUT NO MORE THAN 2 multimedia works.

If you wish to submit both multimedia work(s) and written work(s), you may submit NO MORE THAN 4 works in total, in any combination of written/multimedia.


We are soliciting submissions from festival participants, industry professionals, the general public, or anyone who feels their pieces fits the details below.


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